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statuswhatsapp.co Û 4 Read Where the Heart Leads (Casebook of Barnaby Adair, #1) Read Ù 104 Nster’s younger sister has devoted her life to the care of orphans But lately her charges seem to be disappearing without a. This is the start of a series of mystery stories revolving around the pre Victorian era Some of the characters stretch the boundaries when the author has people from different classes working together as friends This era is known for strict class distinctions Adair s character initially seems to be somewhat manipulative and condescending when he is plotting to persuade the heroine to marry him and the first love scene starts out like slap stick comedy Many of the passages in the book are filled with redundant mystery summations I did enjoy the basic premise of the book but there were whole sections of character s introspections that I skipped over just to move the action along Often by the time you finish reading the character s thoughts the chain of events has been lost Giving the reader an in sight to the thoughts of the characters in order to build a good foundation for their actions and explain their emotions is good but chapter after chapter is just over kill

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Where the Heart Leads (Casebook of Barnaby Adair, #1)

statuswhatsapp.co Û 4 Read Where the Heart Leads (Casebook of Barnaby Adair, #1) Read Ù 104 Trace Penelope enlists investigator Barnaby Adair to solve the mystery Adair agrees intrigued by both the case and by Penelope. A brilliant read as always from Stephanie Laurens

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statuswhatsapp.co Û 4 Read Where the Heart Leads (Casebook of Barnaby Adair, #1) Read Ù 104 Best selling author Stephanie Laurens begins a promising new series that blends romance and mystery Penelope Ashford Portia Cy. My rating 35 stars rounded up to 4 starsThis book is well written because Stephanie Laurens is a talented writer I read it several years ago but recently decided to re read several of Laurens books since I had enjoyed them all I was pleasantly surprised to find that I still like this book maybe not uite as much as the first read but I still liked it a lotI liked Barnaby and liked that he wasn t bothered by Penelope s independence and intelligence Most men of that time period would have been totally turned off by a strong willed woman like Penelope but not Barnaby He actually realized that her strength and intelligence made them compatibleI liked Penelope well enough but thought her behavior was a little extreme sometimes like when she coshed Barnaby so she could sleep with him Very odd I did like that she was open to changing her opinion about marriage after falling for BarnabyIt did seem like Barnaby and Penelope were mostly in lust not love especially at first But they got past that and I liked that they were both willing to admit they were in love By the way as is typical of Laurens romances this one has uite a few sex scenesI liked that the book included a secondary romance with Stokes and Griselda and that Griselda and Penelope became good friendsMy rating system is below1 star Hated it or did not finish I usually only give this rating if some of the content is truly objectionable to me like if one of the main characters does something really awful and gets away with it2 stars Didn t like it This rating usually means that I thought the writing wasn t very good the editing was terrible I didn t like the characters or it had other major flaws3 stars I liked it but had some minor issues with it This rating means that there were minor editing issues the story needed character development it was just too unrealistic or had some other fairly minor issue The majority of books I read get this rating I do not consider it a bad rating4 stars I liked it a lot This is a high rating for me and I rarely give a higher one5 stars I loved it and will probably read it again Very few books are good enough to get this rating from me The ones that do are usually classics