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review Art and Artists: Poems

Art and Artists: Poems

Art and Artists: Poems review ò 3 Art and Artists Poems is a sumptuous collection of visions in versethe work of centuries of poets who have used their own art form to illuminate art created by othersA wide variety of visual art forms have inspired great poetry from painting sculpture and photography to tapestry folk art and calligraphy Included here are poems that celebrate Leonardo da Vincis Mona Lisa Claude Monets Water Lilies and Gran.

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Art and Artists: Poems review ò 3 T Woods American Gothic Here are such well known poems as John Keatss Ode on a Grecian Urn and W H Audens Muse des Beaux Arts Homers immortal account of the forging of the shield of Achilles and Federico Garca Lorcas breathtaking ode to the surreal paintings of Salvador Dal Allen Ginsberg writes about Cezanne Anne Sexton about van Gogh Billy Collins about Hieronymus Bosch and Kevin Young about Jean Michel.

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Art and Artists: Poems review ò 3 Basuiat Here too are poems that take on the artists themselves from Michelangelo and Rembrandt to Frida Kahlo and Georgia OKeeffe Altogether this brilliantly curated anthology proves that a picture can be worth a thousand wordsor a few very well chosen onesEMILY FRAGOS is an award winning poet and the editor of our Pocket Poet anthologiesThe Great Cat Music s Spell The Dance and Letters by Emily Dickinso.

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