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  • The Silent Language
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  • 09 September 2020
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Free download Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì Edward T. Hall review The Silent Language 100 Edward T. Hall ì 0 review Ticolare e utilizzando estensivamente la linguistica acuista notorietà soprattutto per le sue ricerche e le sue pubblicazioni concernenti la ‘comunicazione interculturale’ e la ‘prossemica’ che preferisce rivolgere non tanto agli addetti ai lavori uanto al più vasto pubblico Responsabile dei programmi di formazione nel Foreign Service Institute agli inizi degli anni Cinuanta introduce i diplomatici alle culture straniere con una metodologia che media tra esempi concreti e generalizzazioni strutturali Ne emerge un’antropologia insieme viva e classica che ritroviamo poi in tutte le sue opereDelle opere di H si rico. Hall s Silent Language reveals how one s culture produces unconscious behaviors that allow others to read messages that are being sent unknowingly the Silent Language The 1959 book was meant for lay readers and for professionals in the fields of anthropology and linguistics It got a bit dense for this lay reader but I am glad to have read the book In many cases Hall offers examples of real world situations that clarify difficult passages in the textWe may have heard of professional poker players who are able to read tells from the behavior or reactions of other players that provide an advantage to the pro While Hall does not speak of poker players his examples make the same point His overall theme is that culture is communication Hence a careful observer especially from another culture can derive meaning from behavior he or she seesThe first five chapters are clearly informative for most readers It is when he develops the linguistic basis of his culture is communication theory over three chapters that the going gets tough There he talks of informal formal and technical levels of tradition with language sets isolates and patterns It grows increasingly granular Fortunately chapters nine and ten deal respectively with the cultural behavior aspects of time and space Even fortunately Hall has written separate books on these two subjects The Dance of Life The Other Dimension of Time 1982 and The Hidden Dimension 1966 I have read both and would recommend them for general readers who would like to explore these two aspects a lengthHall closes Silent Language with several technical appendices These will probably not have greatappeal to general readers but they are brief Overall the writing is comprehensible with flashes of humor and as mentioned above interesting real life examples of the Silent Language being spoken

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The Silent Language

Free download Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì Edward T. Hall review The Silent Language 100 Edward T. Hall ì 0 review Antropologo americano Nasce nel 1914 a Webster Groves Missouri studia nelle Università di Denver e dell’Arizona master conseguendo poi il dottorato alla Columbia University di New York 1942 Dal 1942 al 1946 è arruolato nell’esercito prima sul fronte europeo poi nel Pacifico Al ritorno si stabilisce a Santa Fe Nuovo Messico Impegnato a osservare sul campo gli indiani Navajo Hopi e Trukesi gli ispano americani di Nuovo Messico e America latina gli arabi del Mediterraneo e gli iraniani il suo approccio professionale non è in linea con le tradizioni dell’antropologia classica Egli non approfondisce alcuna cultura in par. Though this book played an important role in identifying supra linguistic aspects of communication Halls methodology was developed within a context of American domination Most of his evidence is anecdotal and most of the anecdotes occur in situations where Americans are in power and confused by their inability to communicate with or control the behavior of people in other countries His examples include diplomat to foreign citizen teacher to foreign student military to foreign government etc He rarely gives any examples where power dynamics are reversed eual or simply complex This renders many of his observations and methods unuseful in a transnational world where America is no longer the dominant super power and intercultural contexts are highly varied We can no longer hold on to the notion that culture is static and tied to the Nation a notion that may have been arguably useful in the 20th Century but not any

Free download Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì Edward T. Hall

Free download Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì Edward T. Hall review The Silent Language 100 Edward T. Hall ì 0 review Rdano in particolare Il linguaggio silenzioso Bompiani Milano 1969 ed orig 1959; La dimensione nascosta Bompiani Milano 1968 ed orig 1966; Handbook for proxemic research Society for the Anthropology of Visual Communication Washington DC 1974; Beyond culture Anchor PressDoubleday Garden City NY 1976; The dance of life the other dimension of time Anchor PressDoubleday Garden City NY 1983; Hidden differences doing business with the Japanese Anchor PressDoubleday Garden City NY 1987; Understanding cultural differences Intercultural Press Yarmouth ME 1990; An anthropology of everyday life An autobiography Anchor Books New York 19. The cover of the book has a uote The Silent Language shows how cultural factors influence the individual behind his back without his knowledgewell it doesn tThis book is about establishing a template for anthropologists to use when they study different cultures this template can be followed to identify and define the different components of that culture It s uite an ambitious goal but as we know today he failed the way different cultures developed and converged from the 50 s until today changed most of what this book has to say therefore most of what you would read here is really rendered obsolete today and I do not know of any other anthropologists that used this template this book tries to buildNo surprise there while reading this book you get the feeling that the author desperately tries to impose structure to the inherently unstructured entity that culture is it gets way too technical and defines too many terms building a very complicated and superimposed structure on what culture is Back to the uote on the cover of this book I was deceived to think that this book will shed some light on how culture influences our behavior the book does not do this it only outlines an overly complicated procedure that other anthropologists should use to show how cultures influence the individual behaviorAnother important uote from the Introduction of this book The non American reader as well as members of many American sub cultures should remember that this book was written primarily as a message to the author s own group one would hope that similar volumes will eventually be written by the Spanish groups the Native Americans and the ethnic blacksyes that s right this is a racist book by target audience and the author makes no effort to hide it you would also encounter many cultural stereotypes that the author generalizes on whole groups of countries he d often say the middle eastern do this and the Latin americans do that while most of his generalizations are probably just personal stories the author have heard somewhere So this book is riddled with racism and stereotypes I didn t mind that it was a different time in the 50s but this should be notedOn the plus side the author often uses stories from his vast experience as anecdotes while those stories might not be very relevant they are uite fun and enjoyable