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review Popcorn AUTHOR Ben Elton Popcorn AUTHOR Ben Elton Summary ñ 8 Ben Elton ☆ 8 characters E erection cream Does art imitate life or does life simply imitate bad art And most of all does sugar pie really love his honeybu. Written around the time of Natural Born Killers and the rise of uentin Tarantino this is a blatant satire on the themes that NBK evoked at the time Unfortunately it hasn t aged well at all I didn t laugh once and the bits that were clearly satire come off as lazy This is not fair I m sure the book was fresh and a riot back in the late 90s But now it feels like a slapdash effort akin to Elton s Meltdown based on the 2009 economic crisis Yet I also suspect this was an overpraised darling of its time the sleeve review blurbs are incredibly enthusiastic because it s not a good book At times I felt I was reading a poor imitation of a Chuck Palahniuk story Not likely Elton wrote this before Palahniuk s work became widely popular Still it s a seedy cynical work with shallow caricatures for characters Ultimately I enjoyed the character of Wayne the psycho killer most because he turns out to be another enlightened killer not unlike Cormac McCarthy s Anton Chigurh Yet overall this felt like a moralistic smart ass novel that isn t very creative about the themes it s trying to cover In a way Popcorn seems to be as exploitative and shallow as the media culture it s critiuing Maybe that was the point But it s lost on me

review Popcorn AUTHOR Ben Elton

Popcorn AUTHOR Ben Elton

review Popcorn AUTHOR Ben Elton Popcorn AUTHOR Ben Elton Summary ñ 8 Ben Elton ☆ 8 characters He hero and who's the villain The USA watches slack jawed as Bruce and Wayne together resolve some serious uestions Does Bruce us. A clever comment on society but too violent for my taste I kept waiting to laugh out loud but the violence overshadowed the humour again and again

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review Popcorn AUTHOR Ben Elton Popcorn AUTHOR Ben Elton Summary ñ 8 Ben Elton ☆ 8 characters Bruce shoots movies Wayne and Scout shoot to kill In a single night they find out the hard way what's real and what's not who's t. Dear P has to read this for school he has read the first chapter and is not impressed at all It does seem a rather obscure choice So I am reading it for himOn the morning after the night it happened Bruce Delamitri was sitting in a police interview roomCharactersBruce Delamitri Hollywood golden boyFarrah Delamitri spouse model rock singer and now corpseGirl and boy Mall KillersErrol and Mr Snuff actor gangsters again think Travolta and Jackson in Pulp Fiction especially the way they constantly debateProfessor Chambers a Mr Chips type of characterChapters 1 2Read Tarantino as Delamitri and the start of Pulp Fiction for the Mall killers Moral arguments about society mimicking filmsChapter 3 4Oscar for Best Director dreadful acceptance speech SWAT team enters Bruce s Mansion that sounds like Batman doesn t it Errol and Mr Snuff are shown plying their skillsChapter 5 6Back to just before the Oscar ceremonies has Bruce addressing his Alma Mater at USC Important phase here is ironic juxtaposition Cut to cheap cowboy woman practically masturbating to music in a dive of a mid day shit house bar Think Kill BIllChapter 7 and 8Highlighting Feminist angle Electric chair Middle class white kids wishing to dress and talk dude generation X Gruesome film action to the sound of chirpy music ironic juxtapositioning againChapters 9 10MAD Mothers Against Death The females that follow Bruce around heckling him because they accuse him of influencing via the silver screen those two Mall Killers into randomly killing their children Jack Daniels TwinkiesImportant phrase I stand here on legs of fire Used within the acceptence speech and reiterated throughout the book Bruce is ashamed at the utter crap that he spewed but this particularly asinine phrase haunts himChapter 11 12Oscar party Wayne and ScoutChapter 13 14Scout and Wayne A peelingAppealing A mid day shit house bar momentChapter 15 16Film influences Brooke Bruce look behind you Sheeeee it Bikini line shavingChapter 17 18A Severed Head and we not talking talking Iris MurdochChapter 19 20Enter from stage precinct Detectives Crawford and Jay A Chicago momentpage 185Chapter 21 22Kurt Karl Uh oh Chapter 23 24Bulimic SusanMr Chop Chop and a sock in the chopsChapter 25 26Early Bruce and Farrah Is a blow job the same as a nose job Reporters Choppers What we are looking for is someone else to take the blameChapter 27 28ReportersCentre stage for the mediaChapter 29 30Scout n me are your fault Chapter 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39Deep down everyone wants to get on TV Ratings I KEEL YOU It s my job I m a maniac Pavlov She s my mom SWAT Epilogue