(EBOOK/EPUB) The Amalgamation Polka

  • Hardcover
  • 323
  • The Amalgamation Polka
  • Stephen Wright
  • English
  • 01 July 2018
  • 9780679451174

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Free download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Stephen Wright The Amalgamation Polka Characters ò 0 Stephen Wright ↠ 0 Download O plantation from the Erie Canal to the Bahamas from Bloody Kansas to the fulfillment of the killing fields Yet for all the brutality and tragedy this novel is exuberant in the telling and its wide compassion brimming with the language manners hopes and fears of its time all of this so transformed by Stephen Wright's imaginative compass that places and events previously familiar are rendered new and strange terrifying and stirring Instantly revelatory constantly mesmerizing this is the work of a major writer at the top of his fo. I like Stephen Wright enough that I m going to read all his stuff this one being just my secondIt s a good read but it s a bit too cinematic in scope delivery characters resolution etc It also seems like he wrote it expressly with a movie conversion in mind somewhere along the way So some parts seem a bit tried and true some a little predictable and clich And because it s scope seems so broad some topics aren t explored deeply enough and some than deeply enough The focus is interesting and all boils down to the family dynamicIt s also hard to pen down what kind of book this is exactly Clearly it s historical fiction but the dialogue s not uite there It s not really a warpolitical novel so much and not really a bildungsroman either I guess I d be most satisfied with calling it simply an adventure book with a hysterical bentRecommended for those nostalgic for the packet boat

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The Amalgamation Polka

Free download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Stephen Wright The Amalgamation Polka Characters ò 0 Stephen Wright ↠ 0 Download Mounting national crisis and the inevitable distress that befalls his mother whenever letters arrive from her parents a conflict that ultimately costs her her life and compels Liberty in hopes of reconciling the familial disunion to escape first into the cauldron of war and then into a bedlam disturbing stillRich in characters both heartbreaking and bloodcurdling comic and horrific The Amalgamation Polka is shot through with politics and dreams and it captures great swaths of the American experience from village to metropolis t. Okay I can pinpoint where this book went wrong for me When you name a mulatto character SLAVERY and place her in a room completely painted WHITE where she has been held captive all her life by her slave master who is also her father and she is being forced to have sex with a white man named LIBERTY in order to rid her body further of black skin color and this all takes place in a plantation called REDEMPTION HALL where LIBERTY ends up not having sex with her but attempts to FREE her Yeah Way to be subtle on the symbolism We get it Also the last paragraph is startlingly naive compared to the rest of the book Then he remembered It s America and everything was going to be fine deep Certain stylistic choices Wright makes such as the freuently hyper educated dialogue pulled me out of the moment and the final third of the book is generally a mess Which is a shame because the exposition moves well and the narration during Civil War battle scenes is sometimes amazing

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Free download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Stephen Wright The Amalgamation Polka Characters ò 0 Stephen Wright ↠ 0 Download Hailed by the San Francisco Chronicle as a bright star in the literary sky Stephen Wright now extends his astonishing accomplishment with a Civil War novel unlike any otherBorn in 1844 in bucolic upstate New York Liberty Fish is the son of fervent abolitionists as well as the grandson of Carolina slaveholders even dedicated to their cause Thus follows a childhood limned with fugitive slaves moving through hidden passageways in the house his Uncle Potter's free soil adventure stories whose remarkable violence sets the tone of the. A random read I pulled it off the library shelf for its title kept it for the cover art and the Civil War setting The story was engaging but the writing is intolerable Be prepared for a lot of rereading warns the jacket copy due to the vibrant beauty and savory brilliance of every paragraph What I don t know what all these gushing reviewers are talking about Rushdie is rich Wright is overwrought Diaz is idiosyncratic Wright s just a dude with a thesaurus and tendency to ornament every sentence that ll sit still long enough to take on a few clauses for decoration This book also features terrible dialect and battle scenes like a Warner Brothers cartoon Nope