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Wonderful Today The Autobiography of Pattie Boyd Read á 7 T my letter” And then the penny dropped “Was that from you” I saidIt was the most passionate letter anyone had ever written meFor the first time Pattie Boyd former wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton a high profile model whose face epitomized the swinging London scene of the 1960s a woman who inspired Harrison’s song “Something” and Clapton’s anthem “Layla” has decided to write a book that is rich and raw funny and heartbreaking and totally honest and open and breathtaking Here is the truth here is what happened here is the story you’ve been waiting for From the Hardcover editio Gee I wouldn t have left George Harrison for Eric Clapton even if he did win the guitar duel for me And wow Pattie Boyd had great shoesSeriously once I recovered from the realization that this wasn t a kiss n tell damn insert Slowhand jokes here I have come to see Pattie s story as an interesting extension of a recent conversation with my own girlfriends you know who you are shout out to the female half of the Six O CupsIt began with gender roles in traditional malefemale relationships with the female fulfilling the Keeper of the Fun role and when we know the men are wrong clueless andor depressingly real as opposed to Fantasy Prince we punish them by witholding the fun in the relationship Then the point was made that women can become immersed in work children etc and the male coax her to come up for air to see a movie or go out to dinner that gender is irrelevant I conclude we all have roles we fill in all our relationshipsSo I ll never know if George or Eric was the better kisser but Pattie does share a lot about the roles in her relationships her most obvious being Famous Rock Star Muse In Eric s eyes she was Layla the un gettable never to be dream When he got her he wrote in a poem that she was the butterfly and that he d destroyed her wings She became his Victim To George she was simply Something They married very young and she was his playmate sister innocent love witness to the insanity his life became They were all Naughty Children not having children themselves to force them to grow up she later discovered she s infertile every aspect of life handled by the Father Manager paying all the bills giving allowance arranging all travel Problems come in when one of the partners allows someone else to fill that role or stops playing that role by their own handThe book was fascinating in one regard to glimpse into the life of a wife of a rock star with all their creative unstructured mania She left one who chants all the time for an ex heroin addict who drinks all the time They were both unfaithful sexually to her and she realizes she rationalized all that But what really would hurt her is when they would take away her role she played in their life even if it was playmate or journey companionHer creative outlet was cooking and she poured through cookbooks and never bought anything ready made so she shopped for ingredients every day and threw her heart into it And then George would say something like No Kumar one of the countless hangers on that came and went is going to cook something Indian for me That would devastate her It took this lady a long time to find herself Both Eric and George refused to let her continue working as a model She was to fill the role they needed her to Eric needed a 247 Nursemaid and Rescuer How tediousI have this whole new perspective on the Beatles as people George told her when she left him for Eric that if she ever needed him for anything he would be there that he would always be there to take care of her no matter where she went or who she was with What selfless generous love How heartbreaking that he would shut her out for months while he was meditating or whateverThey had a bungalow they lived in for years and they kept spray paint cans outside and would have everyone who visited add to the exterior walls their creative touch So the place looked like a sweet crazy grafitti mural dive from the outside Then they found a castle pile of stone to restore that became a project George had become obsessed with privacy and security some incident with a fan had frightened him how prophetic he couldn t do anything normal like go to the pub or go bowling or see a movie without mobs So he proudly shows his restored treasure his find the thing he lovingly researched to accurately restore to former glory to John and Yoko and John being the cynical jealous prick says It s so dark I don t see how anyone can live in it Then George suggested John take off his sunglasses Ar arAlso interesting is who John was with first wife Jerk Selfish Sexist Pig and who he was with Yoko Student Worshipper Servant Everyone hated her But what an amazing teacher she was for him this fiercely intelligent artistic Japanese Royalty chick wasn t about to take his crap and forced him to grow up and evolveSo how does it end for Pattie Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who is so brilliant exciting forceful that there is no room for you in the shadows She is now playing the starring role in her own lifeI ve only seen Gene Simmons show Family Jewels once but loved how his wife and kids consistently knocked the wind out of his sails cut him down to size to ensure room for themselves the ones he loves and needs It s actually healthy and happy People fascinate me

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Wonderful Today The Autobiography of Pattie Boyd Read á 7 Ron Wood Jeff Beck and a veritable who’s who of rock musicians She describes the dynamics of the group the friendships the tensions the musicmaking and the weird and wonderful memories she has of Paul and Linda Cynthia and John Ringo and Maureen and especially the years with her husband George It was a sweet turbulent life but one that would take an unexpected turn starting with a simple note that began “dearest l” I read it uickly and assumed that it was from some weirdo; I did get fan mail from time to time I thought no about it until that evening when the phone rang It was Eric Clapton “Did you ge An emotionless recounting of parties people met trips taken and life eventsI ll save you the trouble of slogging through the book1 Patti didn t have a happy childhood2 She became a model3 She met and married George Harrison4 He became addicted to meditation5 She was wooed by Eric Clapton and left George6 Eric was addicted to drugs and alcohol7 Patti was unhappy about both husbands being unfaithful8 Now she s single and OKI almost forgot the most important disclosure9 Yoko Ono was the last straw on the camel s back that broke up the Beatles

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Wonderful Today The Autobiography of Pattie Boyd Read á 7 An iconic figure of the 1960s and ’70s Pattie Boyd breaks a forty year silence in Wonderful Tonight and tells the story of how she found herself bound to two of the most addictive promiscuous musical geniuses of the twentieth century and became the most famous muse in the history of rock and roll She met the Beatles in 1964 when she was cast as a schoolgirl in A Hard Day’s Night Ten days later a smitten George Harrison proposed For twenty year old Pattie Boyd it was the beginning of an unimaginably rich and complex life as she was welcomed into the Beatles inner circle a circle that included Mick Jagger Pattie Boyd is a mere footnote in rock n roll history Her association with George Harrison and Eric Clapton is what made her famousif you can even call her that One would think that someone who captured the attention and imagination of great artists such as Harrison and Clapton must be an extraordinary personality but that just does not come across in this book I get the feeling that Pattie Boyd was just a pretty face who happened to be in the right place at the right timeon that train with George during the filming of A Hard Day s Night and then only because of her association with George did she meet Eric Clapton The book is not well written which I guess you can t expect from a celebrity autobiography Much of the text is self serving and Pattie seems to take great joy in endless name dropping and even annoying listing in great detail all the lavish furnishings she and George purchashed for their giant homes Obviously since I picked up this book I am just as curious as anyone about the infamous love triangle that Pattie was at the center of but I think I would recommend picking up Eric Clapton s new autobiography and getting his perspective on it instead