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  • 22 August 2019
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Repositioning review Û 104 Jack Trout ↠ 4 review Of business Competition Change and Crisis BEAT THE COMPETITION Challenge your rivals differentiate your product increase your value and stand out in the crowdCHANGE WITH THE TIMES Use the latest technologies communications and multimedia resources to connect with your consumersMANAGE A CRISIS Cope with everything from profi t losses and rising costs to bad press and PR nightmaresEven if your company is doing well these cutting edge marketing observations can keep you on top of your game and ahead of the pack You'll discover how expanding product lines may decrease your overall sales why new brand names often outsell established brands and why slashing prices is us Helpful repositioning strategies This turned out to be a difficult book to write because I ve already written so much on the subjectReaders of my work might recognize some things I ve mentioned in one of my 15 other books So reads the opening lines of marketing maven Jack Trout s guide to repositioning This defeatist introduction doesn t exactly promise much in the way of ingenuity or innovation However when you peruse this book a follow up to the business classic Positioning The Battle for Your Mind it uickly becomes clear why Trout is in great demand as a speaker The book reads like a marketing presentation In a dynamic and engaging way Trout with the aid of marketing consultant Steve Rivkin explains how repositioning can help you differentiate your brand from your competition manage change and deal with crises The book is filled with marketing war stories of successes and failures with an occasional if a tad egotistical aside such as If only they had taken my advice thrown in Although full of colorful real life case studies it is at times short on tactics and applicable advice getAbstract recommends Trout s previous bestseller to those who are new to marketing and this seuel to anyone who desires a refresher course

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Repositioning review Û 104 Jack Trout ↠ 4 review The book that completes Positioning Thirty years ago Jack Trout and Al Ries published their classic bestseller Positioning The Battle for Your Mind a book that revolutionized the world of marketing But times have changed Competition is fiercer Consumers are savvier Communications are faster And once successful companies are in crisis mode Repositioning shows you how to adapt compete and succeed in today's overcrowded marketplace Global marketing expert Jack Trout has retooled his most effective positioning strategies providing a must have arsenal of proven marketing techniues specifically redesigned for our current climate With Repositioning you can conuer the 3 Cs A classic example of a brand extension gone wrong Jack Trout tries to update the classic Positioning The Battle For Your Mind some 30 years later but without co author Al Reis Both the concept of the new book and the solo act were mistakes Not surprisingly this book never came close to reaching the heights of Positioning

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Repositioning review Û 104 Jack Trout ↠ 4 review Ually a bad idea You'll learn the dangers of attacking your competitors head on and the value of emphasizing value You'll see how consumers can have too many choices to pick from and what you can do to make them pick your brandDrawing from the latest research studies consumer statistics and business news headlines Trout reveals the hidden psychological motives that drive today's market Understanding the mindset of your consumers is half the battle Winning in today's world is often a matter of repositioning It's how you rethink the strategies you've always relied on It's how you regain the success you've worked so hard for It's how you win the new battle of the mind Repositioning Marketing in an Era of Competition Change and Crisis by Jack Trout was chosen by Soundview Executive Book Summaries as one of the Top 30 Business Books of 2010