(EBOOK / KINDLE) Ambereye by Gill McKnight

  • Paperback
  • 280
  • Ambereye
  • Gill McKnight
  • English
  • 18 September 2019
  • 9781602821323

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READ & DOWNLOAD Å Ambereye Gill McKnight Ü 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ Ambereye Hope Glassy loves her job at Ambereye Inc despite having Jolie Garoul as her new boss Jolie is a moody workaholic She is awkward contrary and on occasion just plain mean Hope is hardworking popular and in recovery from a serious illness She doesn't need a bizarre boss She doesn't need I enjoyed the first book in this series but this one was fantastic This was so well written You really felt that Jolie was part humanpart wolf Her characters inner dialogue was great In fact this book was funny The relationship between Jolie and Hope s dog Tadpole was hilarious I loved the Frisbee scene The romance between Hope and Jolie was sweet too It had a nice slow build where the characters really got to know each otherThis book really was so unexpectedly wonderful I would recommend it to all

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READ & DOWNLOAD Å Ambereye Gill McKnight Ü 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ Ambereye Es this idea but Hope has no time for romance She is eager to get her life on track and her health and career back to normal Jolie is determined to change her mind but how does a lycanthrope woo a human A small super efficient bossy to boots human at that The second in the Garoul Seri How do I love thee let me count the waysChair A brand new state of the art ergonomic chair I m the boss I deserve better and you can have my worn fabric the bum groove the sueaky castor That skinny assed bitch has stolen my chairName Glassy or Glasseye Tadpole or RatholeStapler A missing chrome stapler Lure the thief with a Walmart s plastic wolf s paw a novelty stationery item toy than a tool Do I need to superglue everything downThe Dog A bichon first and a dachshund and some other stuffs This little ball of ginger crud I m gonna eat him the minute her back s turned Jolie was probably a dog lover and had fallen head over heels for himNadeem I am not allowed to talk to you before the nine am meeting even if the building is on fire Can I have a dozen stud muffins please I m gonna kill the little bastard Too late he went home sick before you arrived I think he was in deep trauma that he actually had the nerve to joke with youFrisbee TadpoleRathole vs GaroulThe best place to put a dog when traveling Upfront on the owner s knees In the trunkThe Ganache on The CakeWe met through Andre I started out with him and he passed me on to Jolie He said she really needed meshe was ready to go pop Oh Patrice sounded a little less confident Hope sensed her concern Don t worry I figured Jolie out real uick the trick with her is something hot and sweet first thing in the morning preferably on her desk Hope and Jolie are each other s nemesis They work together while they plot each other s murder They play juvenile games they keep filing complaints to Andre The transition from enemies to lovers was perfect gradual believable and gave me tons of stomach cramps They were eual in every possible way both didn t give each other an inch and this was refreshing


READ & DOWNLOAD Å Ambereye Gill McKnight Ü 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ Ambereye To work over Thanksgiving either Nevertheless that's what she and Jolie end up doingin Little Dip home of the Garoul clan An important meeting brings them to the valley where it's assumed Jolie has brought her chosen mate to meet her pack Much to her consternation Jolie finds she lik Alright other reviewers are spot on Ambereye is fantastic and it was night and day better than both Goldenseal and Little Dip I loved that this book was told mainly from Jolie s POV What a great change Seeing her sullenness awkwardness playfulness and stupidity all in different ways was great I found myself smiling at the chair game and the stapler antics and loved seeing the interaction between Jolie and Tadpole Hope s dog I know that those of you who haven t read this yet don t know what I m talking about but please just go read this one ASAP You ll love these same scenes tooJolie is a wonderfully flawed MC and Hope is not only perfectly named but also a perfect partner for Jolie I loved every minute of their story together45 stars rounded down just because I don t see myself re reading Many thanks to Dirt Road Books and the author for providing me with an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review