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  • These Hills Called Home
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  • 10 September 2018
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Free read ä These Hills Called Home ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Temsula Ao Ï 0 Read & download Iolence how they negotiate power and force how they seek and find safe spaces and enjoyment in the midst of terror the author details a way of life under threat from the forces of modernization and war No one the young the old the ordinary housewife the willing partner the militant who takes to the gun and the young woman who sings e. This was of a 35 star I liked the first half of the book centred around the armed conflict for Naga self determination much than the second centered around the emerging corruption in the state of Nagaland The stories were compelling bringing to life the traditional way of life for some of the Naga tribes and their troubled history with the Indian Union There s a Bengali proverb which loosely translates to When Kings fight it is the grass which dies this book demonstrates that to perfection It is the story of people caught in the middle of a conflict thrown headlong towards their doom trying to find a way to survive And miraculously they doI agree with another reviewer who said the dedicationprologue titled Lest we forget was the best part of the book Reading the book I was ashamed to realize I know so little of the history of Nagaland and for that matter of the rest of the region except Assam that I can t judge the historical accuracy of this book An eye opener indeed Time to find a non fiction historical account I guess Lest we forgetRead for the challenge prompts PopSugar 2018 A book set in a country that fascinates you North Eastern India is general fascinates me with it s uniue history and often troubled relationship with the central governmentAround the Year in 52 books A book about surviving a hardship the major theme of this book is how the commoners survived a rebellion

Free read These Hills Called Home

These Hills Called Home

Free read ä These Hills Called Home ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Temsula Ao Ï 0 Read & download Ven as she is being raped is untouched by the violence Theirs are the stories that form the subtext of the struggles that lie at the internal faultlines of the Indian nation state These are stories that speak movingly of home country nation nationality identity and direct the reader to the urgency of the issues that lie at their hear. A good book to read about Naga history

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Free read ä These Hills Called Home ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Temsula Ao Ï 0 Read & download More than half a century of bloodshed has marked the history of the Naga people who live in the troubled northeastern region of India Their struggle for an independent Nagaland and their continuing search for identity provides the backdrop for the stories that make up this unusual collection Describing how ordinary people cope with v. This book gave me mixed feelings This book will be an eye opener for anyone who have not read about the atrocities and sufferings in North East On the one hand it was very interesting when I got little glimpses into the Naga culture but on the other hand I felt something missing in the story Maybe it is the fault of the short story format or maybe the author s writing style is just not for me I would have liked a full fleded and cohesive story set in these hills that is able to describe the beautiful culture of Nagas in detail The tiny glimpses I got instead just wasn t enough to satisfy my curiosity I even found some typos in the book which might be the fault of the publisherEven though the sub title is Stories from a war zone not every story was about the war It was also about the people who are caught in the crossfire people whose way of living is affected Some stories also dealt with the aftermath of the war people overcoming their sufferingsWhen I read the stories about the war I struggled with the idea of how much horror a human mind is capable of When we are part of a system are we not the benifitters of the crime even if we did not commit itOne of the most heart wrenching stories was The last song The sensless violence in it was just horrifying Sometimes when I read a story I get a vague foreboding In this book when I read the line She was happy that all those years of loneliness and hardship were well rewarded by God through her beautiful and talented daughter I knew then everything was going to go horribly wrongI have seen so many times how happiness is rewarded It is with pain