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  • Shriman Yogi श्रीमान योगी
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  • 20 May 2020
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free read Shriman Yogi श्रीमान योगी review Shriman Yogi श्रीमान योगी ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook रणजित देसाई Ê 0 free download Ments of this legendary kingShivaji was a man who built a dynasty starting from nothing His motivations were always immense pride in his culture and love for his motherland However he was not a bigot and treated all his subjects eually well irrespective of their religion and other divisions His battles were mostly with Muslim rulers but he never showed any animosity towards the Muslim inhabitants of his kingdomThe author has presented Shivaji as he really was with no embellishments Shivaji was a dynamic leader a warrior and a nobleman He was religious without being fanatic he was a believer but not superstitious he was courageous but not fooli. This is a very poignant engrossing and beautifully written biographical novel on Chatrapati Shivaji s life and struggles Originally written in Marathi i read it in an old copy with Hindi translationShivaji was a great man a true Karmayogi who fought for Dharma and established an independent Hindu kingdom in the Deccan while simultaneously having to contend with the Adilshahis the utbshahis the Portuguese and English with their naval power and of course the Mughals coming from the north This was a period of great turmoil in Deccan region After the fall of the Vijayanagara empire which stood as the bastion of Hindu civilisation in Dakshin Bharat large parts of south India slowly started coming into Muslim rule It was during this time of Muslim domination that Shivaji maharaj rose to fight against the Mlecchas and laid the foundation for Hindavi Swarajya This biographical novel paints a beautiful picture of Shivaji from his birthhis journey through all his struggles conuests and failures until his death It portrays a truly humane picture of Shivaji not just as a king and a conueror but also as a man whether in the trials in his family life or with his temper that led him to making decisions that he would later come to regret Shivaji was also a great military strategist While this book brushes upon his military and political tactics it doesn t focus on them too much I just wish that the battles were dramatised and given attention

free read Shriman Yogi श्रीमान योगी

Shriman Yogi श्रीमान योगी

free read Shriman Yogi श्रीमान योगी review Shriman Yogi श्रीमान योगी ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook रणजित देसाई Ê 0 free download Sh He was a visionary who dreamt of building a Hindu kingdom in a region that was surrounded by Muslim dynasties Yet he was extremely practicalShivaji was a courageous warrior and a great tactician At the same time he was also a very good administrator and the kingdom he was building up became stronger under his rule He suffered many defeats too but he never gave up his vision and ultimately he did succeed in making his dream a realityThe author in this book has captured all the different facets of Shivaji’s personality that contributed towards this legacy and thus gives the reader a sense of involvement in the events taking place in the sto. I recently completed reading this book I found it very beautiful and importantly the feelings erupt from us while reading it The discriptions made in this book are amazing and will definately make you cry While reading we can actually imagine the entire scene running in front of our eyes Another important feature is being a non maharshtrian i could read and understand the language so the language used by the author is very simple So my reuest to those people who are non maharashtrians but can read and understand marathi should take marathi version because i feel it will give you the feel than any other language

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free read Shriman Yogi श्रीमान योगी review Shriman Yogi श्रीमान योगी ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook रणजित देसाई Ê 0 free download Shrimanyogi is a biographical work on the life and the achievements of the great Maratha king Chatrapathi Shivaji Shivaji has been a legendary figure in the Indian historyShivaji was one of the major influences on the revival of nationalism and Hindu culture during a period when centuries of rule by Muslim invaders had induced a condition of apathy and indifference in the peopleOver the years many legends have been added to Shivaji’s life and it is hard to filter out these embellishments and just focus on the factsThe author has done his best to build this book just on facts And the facts alone are interesting enough to highlight the achieve. There is no religion without compassion In fact without compassion there is no humanity Raje s face He said Could we not have used fewer gems Each gem I see here reminds me of my gems in war my companions in each battle be it Tanaji Suryaji Murarbaji Prataprao or Pangera They far outshine the gems here A great book which shows the journey of Shivaji from being an ambitious boy to becoming the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharajah Not only does the book show the insights of the Great Shivaji but also includes life s of the brave soldiers like Tanaji and many who fought till their last breath to protect their land and people The Fort is captured but the Lion is dead Really appreciate the author for writing a book which makes the reader be a part of the story For trying to include every detail of Shivaji Maharajah Childhood personal life warfare A must read for anyone who wants to know about ShivajiThanks Ashish Iyer for recommending this Couldn t keep the book down after starting it