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review ñ Barbaric Heart ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Of crony capitalism and managerial technocracy that created the crisis in the first place With his trademark wit White argu. I had mixed feelings after reading these pages and pages of thin generalizations and reappropriated Chomsky I kept waiting for a point and in the end it amounted to nothing strange amateurish but was nothing the point some kind of Andy Kaufman prank on the vagueness of the Academe and social theory So I went to Google to see if I could find some clues and I guess I did but not the kind of joke I envisionedAn essay on Preditors sic Editors revealed that White sat on the overseeing board of FC2 the publisher of at least one of his own books So of course I then checked Dalkey his publisher for 5 of his books most of his career and he was listed on Dalkey s overseeing board too This would hardly be worth mentioning if these publishers were private concerns but they re not These publishers receive the bulk of their funding from tax money from places like the National Endowment for the Arts and the Illinois Arts CouncilHow can a guy spend an entire book denouncing hypocrisy and crony capitalism when the vast majority of his own output is the spoils of crony capitalismsocialism It s like he s saying How dare they steal from you with their right hands while he pickpockets your wallet with his left It s not an Andy Kaufman prank it s brazen intellectual dishonesty at bestI m curious over the decades how much has your vanity cost the taxpayers White It could be a tidy sum That essay Fleeced by FC2 revealed FC2 alone received six figures in public money in a 5 year period 1999 2003 How many struggling artists lost out because you spent those public grants publishing yourself White again and again and againHey if you want to vanity publish by all means go for it but pay for it yourselfFor any journalist who s interested in picking up the ball and running with it my sense is there s an interesting untold story here involving a notable amount of public funds over decades That Preditors Editors essay will give you a glimpse of the larger picture and would be a good place to startSo in conclusion folks if you bought one of White s books I hope you get a lot of use out of it because there are good odds you paid for it twice

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review ñ Barbaric Heart ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Es that the solution might very well come from an unexpected uarter the arts religion and the realm of the moral imagination. This is a very radical book in which Curtis White offers a deep criticism of our way of life and the way we approach life and the world He sees history as being dominated by the capitalist ethos and scientific logic what he calls the Barbaric Heart He criticizes the environmental movement and the very concept of sustainability for working inside of this destructive system just placating and trying to moderate the Barbaric Heart and isolating the environment or ecosystem in scientific terms from the rest of the society He writesEnvironmentalism s analyses tend to be abous sources Industrial sources Non point sources Urban sources Smokestack sources Tailpipe sources Even natural sources Okay but why do we have all of these polluting sources What has made them Is it something about human nature Our violence Is it something about sin Our greed Is it something about evil Corporate villains p 4The uestions at the end contain hints to White s argument Often uoting from Greek philosophers and drawing parallels to the fall of the Roman Empire he sees the self destructiveness of the Barbaric Heart It is futile to blame individual corporations Instead White makes sweeping linkages between environmental destruction and the broader society and its values constant growth measuring the value of everything in money competition the demeaning and alienating form work has taken violence as a means of politics violence against people and against nature He concludes thatThe very notion of environmentalism is not much than a way of isolating a problem from its true context The crisis of a degraded natural world is a part of the larger problem of the crisis of thought the crisis of faith and the crisis of the relation of human beings to Being p 176The Barbaric Heart is a deep and spiritual book It may be extreme in some ways but it is very thought provoking and forces the reader to think beyond the usual I think everyone would benefit from reading it

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review ñ Barbaric Heart ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Smart funny and fresh The Barbaric Heart argues that the present environmental crisis will not be resolved by the same forms. In this book explicitly than in his earlier non fiction books Curtis White exhibits what might be called old fashioned beliefs in the value of Art as a way to refresh our thinking about the world and in the value of spiritual beliefs though he s not preaching about God In The Barbaric Heart he describes capitalism as a system that is not in any way aesthetically enriching or enlivening to the soul Not is it a system to bargain or negotiate with as its heart the barbaric heart is primitive and bent on gain regardless of the destruction it causes Here it does resemble the Tea Party and also the Republican PartyWhile White has very severe words that are spot on about capitalism he also turns his critical attention on environmentalist movements that try and work within capitalism saying that essentially such a tack is wrong and headed for tragedy True environmentalism becomes something much spiritual I gather and rests outside capitalism completely His nicely formulated defense of contrary thinking for positive purposes and not just to be someone who argues against everything without offering solutions his openness to defend art and the spirit one of his previous books was The Spirit of Disobedience and his dismantling of supposed alternative beliefs that have been co opted by capitalism or greed make this book attractive to read think about and argue with