KINDLE [Communication Power]

  • Hardcover
  • 571
  • Communication Power
  • Manuel Castells
  • English
  • 01 August 2020
  • 9780199567041

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Communication Power Free download ✓ 104 We live in the midst of a revolution in communication technologies that affects the way in which people feel think and behave The media have become the space where power strategies are played out In the current technological context mass communication goes beyond traditional media and includes the Internet and mobile communicationIn this wide ranging and powerful book Manuel Castells analyses the transformation of the global media industry by this revolution in communication technologies He argues that a new communication system mass self communication has emerged and power relationships have been profoundly modified by the. very broad but compelling discussion of some of social political impacts of global communications network Another step in his project of building a communciations based theory of power He is one of the most interesting political and social theorists writing on the implications of the internet

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Communication Power Free download ✓ 104 Tion in China and Russia Barak Obama's internet based presidential campaigns and in this new edition responses to recent political and economic crises such as the Arab Spring and the Occupy movement On the basis of these case studies he proposes a new theory of power in the information age based on the management of communication networksJustly celebrated for his analysis of the network society Castells here builds on that work offering a well grounded and immensely challenging picture of communication and power in the 21st century This is a book for anyone who wants to understand the dynamics and character of the modern wor. Un libro interesant simo y util simo para entender el funcionamiento del mundo contempor neo y la distribuci n del poder a trav s de la posesi n de los canales y medios de comunicaci n de masas Muy bueno

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Communication Power Free download ✓ 104 Emergence of this new communication environment Created in the commons of the Internet this communication can be locally based but globally connected It is built through messaging social networks sites and blogging and is now being used by the millions around the world who have access to the InternetDrawing on a wide range of social and psychological theories Castells presents original research on political processes and social movements He applies this analysis to numerous recent events the misinformation of the American public on the Ira War the global environmental movement to prevent climate change the control of informa. Interessantissimo libro sui rapporti tra comunicazione e potere l uso degli scandali nelle campagne elettorali e il nuovo scenario del web in ueste tematiche