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  • Hardcover
  • 165
  • Brianna My Brother and the Blog
  • Jack Weyland
  • English
  • 26 July 2020
  • 9781606411407

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Brianna My Brother and the Blog review ¹ 104 Eeds a friend too And Brianna is the perfect choice since there's no romantic involvement of course not how could there be she's waiting for his brother after all As a friendship develops between Austin and Brianna Austin is free to learn what it means to be true and faithful friends with a girl He begins posting his findings. 2nd ward book group in aug Cute fasr read

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Brianna My Brother and the Blog review ¹ 104 Brianna needs a friend someone to keep her from being lonely while she’s waiting for her missionary Robbie to come home And who better for the job than Robbie’s brother Austin He can keep the other men at bay while giving Brianna guy type help like hauling her harp around on weekends to play at wedding receptions Austin n. I haven t read a Jack Weyland book in uite a while but for some reason this one intrigued me I m not sure what to rate it though Because there were some aspects of the book I likedbut then again there were some that I thought were terrible It was so dramatica little to dramatic for me And it went to fast Three months went by in one paragraph I could not stand the brother Robby He was a complete idiot Jack Weyland has a very uniue writing styleand for some reason I still read his books even though they are all the same

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Brianna My Brother and the Blog review ¹ 104 In blog entries that uickly gather a following of interested readers But what will happen to his friendship with Brianna when she finds out who the real author of the blog is Because the truth is Austin isn't looking for just a friend any but something Will he have the courage to tell Brianna the truth before Robbie comes ho. An enjoyable uick read Weyland has a way of making his characters real without overdoing the description or dialog For the most part I found the characters realistic Robbie was a bit over the top Some of the events were a bit over the top but what the heck it s a good clean read for your teenage girl And the blog advice while a bit mature for a college kid is uite good advice for any guy dating or married Although I think this is definitely a chick book