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Eyes of Stone Free read Ê 102 Changed A different era and a hot blooded woman are his to explore Yet revenge for the loss of his family burns in his gut Izzy spoke the words releasing him from stone Ian is the same lover who visits her in dreams yet n. The story is ok but the primary purpose of the book is for erotic sensual sex scenes of which there are plentySTORY BRIEFIzzy owns an internet caf in a small village in Scotland She has short spiky hair and wears Goth style clothing Ian MacKinnon and his six brothers were turned into stone statues 200 years earlier Izzy finds the statue of Ian and learns the magic words to free him He becomes human at night but returns to stone during the day Ian is drawn to Izzy but he doesn t trust women because he was hurt by one in the past This is book 2 in the Gargoyle series In book 1 Gavin was a statue turned into human form by a woman he ends up loving Ian and Gavin together want to find and kill Leod Leod is a descendant of the man who initially cursed the brothers He has magical abilities and is searching for a book of black magic to increase his powers I assume book 3 will be about a third brother whose statue is found and turned into a manREVIEWER S OPINIONAs can be expected from Ellora s Cave there are plenty of erotic graphic sex scenes including self pleasuring rear door activity and men with men The scenes are sensual and good if that s what you re looking for Storywise I found it reasonably enjoyable but nothing to make it really stand out from other fantasy stories I was bothered by a couple of events in the story which follow I was annoyed that a communication problem continued too long when it could have been easily solved A and B had a problem C knew how to solve the problem but C wouldn t tell A and B They were all on the same side and close to each other so this bothered me I also didn t like a fight scene Two guys were fighting The good guy was about to win but he got called away for a reason which seemed too convenient This allowed the bad guy to escape Another annoyance is the cover Ian has long dark hair but the guy on the cover has something similar to a crew cutDATAStory length 194 pages Swearing language moderate including religious swear words Number of sex scenes 9 Total number of sex scene pages 21 Setting current day village in Scotland and London England Copyright 2009 Genre erotic fantasy romance

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Eyes of Stone Free read Ê 102 Frozen in stone for over two hundred years Ian has been freed Landing in the arms of a strange woman with a fiery temper and a tempting body ignites his dormant lust The place where he awakens is familiar but the world has. This is book 2 in the Cursed MacKinnons and as it states on the cover it is a sensual erotic romance This one I really couldn t get into I felt it moved a little slow for me Tara hit the ball just passedd 1st base

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Eyes of Stone Free read Ê 102 Ever responds to her touch or kiss Using the right motivation can she kick start Ian's emotions and make him hers Together they must fight the evil set to destroy all who bear the name MacKinnon or lose their chance at lov. Eyes of Stone ReviewsJennifer Bishop RRTErotic All Erotic All the Time ReviewsAn intriguing story with interesting characters check out EYES OF STONE45 given by Heather of Night Owl Reviews Eyes of Stonefascinating and uirky strong willed intelligent characters A fast paced page turnera recommended read