In Like Flynn (E–pub/E–book) ë Rhys Bowen

  • Paperback
  • 352
  • In Like Flynn
  • Rhys Bowen
  • English
  • 15 November 2019
  • 9780312997007

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Rhys Bowen æ 7 Read Summary ☆ In Like Flynn 107 Sisters and the members of the Flynn household by the unsolved kidnapping it is a race against time to find out what's really going on before it's too late In Like Flynn is the latest captivating installment in a series which has garnered an impressive array of awards and nominations in just three books Rhys Bowen's Molly Murphy mysteries have won the Agatha Award the Anthony Award the Bruce Alexander Historical Award and the Herodotus Award and have been shortlisted for the Agatha Award the Macavity Award and the Mary Higgins Clark Awa. A change of location near West Point I have been to Peekskill so the book connected to me with memories of the river and countryside Albeit mightily changed now Molly is hired by Daniel to investigating two spiritualists She plays the role of an Irish senators long list cousin newly arrived from Ireland Molly is drawn into the kidnapping of the senators son a few years ago which resulted in death of the kidnapper and disappearance of the son presumed dead The story has poisoning murders and even a paddle boat Lots of red herrings and the appearance of someone believed dead Look forward to the next one and happily my local library has most of them

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In Like Flynn

Rhys Bowen æ 7 Read Summary ☆ In Like Flynn 107 Fledgling private investigator Molly Murphy's latest assignment gives her the opportunity to escape the typhoid epidemic sweeping across New York City in the summer of 1902 for the lush Hudson River Valley And it comes from an unlikely source Captain Daniel Sullivan a New York City police detective and erstwhile beau of Molly's She has vowed to keep him at arm's length until he can rid himself of his socialite fiancee but she can't pass up the chance to take advantage of his offer of a real detective job Daniel hires Molly to go undercov. Another wonderful Molly Murphy mystery I had to read on and on as much as I could I know it s light reading but I m enjoying it immensely

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Rhys Bowen æ 7 Read Summary ☆ In Like Flynn 107 Er inside the country household of Senator Barney Flynn in Peekskill New York Flynn's wife Theresa has become the latest devotee of a pair of spiritualists known as the Sorensen Sisters The frail Theresa is desperate to use the sisters' alleged abilities to hold a seance to contact her infant son who was kidnapped five years ago and never found; the accused kidnapper was killed before he could tell police where the boy was being held But the police are sure the women are frauds When Molly allows herself to be distracted from the Sorensen. An interesting change of locale makes for a different toneWorld The world building is interesting it s a change in locale that is the main reason We ve had three books set in New York and Bowen paints a beautiful picture of the turn of the century New York and now a look at rural and rich areas and it s uite pleasant The book which has not really been that coze from the previous books suddenly does become what it is I liked the changeStory The story was interesting the red herring was nice and the tone and the pacing was different from the other books There is a slower pace and the calmer book made it a bit different I like how Bowen paints her world and the interactions are fun and interesting The end result was of course expected and the villains we