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  • The Glass Virgin
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  • 10 November 2019
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Read & download Þ The Glass Virgin Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Catherine Cookson ✓ 2 Free download Free download The Glass Virgin Nly occasionally wondered why her parents never took her beyond the gates of their magnificent country estate When she was ten she decided that the seclusion didn't really matter because when s. Severely disappointing after how much I enjoyed The Black Velvet Gown but not really completely awful on its own I found it rather dull most of the time and I really just didn t like Annabella the main character I suppose it s supposed to be about her character development but that didn t come through very strongly partly due to how the point of view bounces around even within chapters If it had truly been her journey wholly through her eyes that might have helped As it was she felt like a ping pong ball for most of the book she doesn t act or plan she reacts and allows herself to be pushed and pulled around rather aimlesslyI also found Manuel both as a character and as a romantic interest somewhat objectionable He s something of a Gary Stu he s an ace great at everything with a special gift with animals the ability to pick up new skills easily and uickly and very few unpleasant ualities His drinking to excess is not good but he only does it once that we see and then swears off alcohol on the strength of Annabella s disapproval He accidentally kills one man and breaks another s jaw due to his powerful though untrained boxing ability he feels guilty about it though despite both occasions being warranted one owing to self defence and the other to defending Annabella which tempers its badness He is never ever wrong except about Annabella s love for him When done well I don t really mind this sort of character and I suppose his circumstances should have made it acceptable to me but I just found him off puttingHis and Annabella s love was the worst part of the book though in my view They meet when he s twenty and she s ten and later she says that she loved him from when she first saw him Ick That aside they do spend a lot of time together once they hit the road but it seems like she grows to depend on him than her growing to love him She becomes obsessed and latches on to him as her savior at the end of the book I agreed with Rosina that she ll grow out of it At one point she even tries to kill herself because she thinks Manuel wants someone else and are you kidding me This was part of me disliking her and disliking the romance that s not romantic it s pathetic obsessive and than a little scary She needs mental help not to marry himBetty Watford was pretty despicable but the text kind of leaves it up to you not being overly judgmental toward her one way or another I did feel bad she got raped and had to spend a long time searching for work after she got fired but blaming a seven year old child for your misfortunes is just ridiculous particularly after she was the one who was foolish enough to call Annabella a bastard within her hearing Of course the kid was going to go ask somebody what that means idiot That was like asking to get fired And then she tries to get revenge on her years later Annabella had previous accidentally got the cook fired too and everyone in the house acted like she was evil She was just asking uestions as curious seven year olds are wont to do she didn t know it would get anyone fired when she asked what a bastard was or why the cook wouldn t just give the table scraps to the beggar children for free The fact of her age is never brought up in Annabella s defence so I feel the need to do it here I feel bad for Betty Watford but seriously lady blame Annabella s parents if you need to blame someone not the little kid who just wanted to know what a word meant She even refused to tell who d called her a bastard when the whole household got in a hubbub over it so you should actually think kindly of her Stupid wenchI did enjoy Edmund and Rosina s drama I don t know why Maybe the tactics they use to deal with one another and the fact that Rosina eventually wins I guess It s just nice to see a terrible marriage with no easy outs or sudden changes of character Edmund doesn t suddenly become a nice person just so there s a happy ending But the rest of the book was pretty dullRead The Black Velvet Gown instead it s much better paced with interesting characters and situations and strong women I can get behind

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Read & download Þ The Glass Virgin Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Catherine Cookson ✓ 2 Free download Free download The Glass Virgin He grew up she would marry her handsome cousin Stephen and never be lonely againBut when she was eighteen Annabella learned the circumstances of her birth and her entire world crashed around he. A TV series The Glass Virgin 1995 was made based on this book and it is available at YouTube From IMDbSet in 1870s England the story tells of Annabella Lagrange and the terrible secret her wealthy parents have kept from her When she finally learns the truth she runs away and eventually finds solace in the company of her family s former groom a young Irishman with the very Spanish name of Manuel Mendoza Together they travel the Northumbria countryside from job to job in his horse and caravan Annabella trapped in limbo between her upper class upbringing which has rejected her and the working class who are sometimes suspicious of her only Manuel understanding her situation

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Read & download Þ The Glass Virgin Ì PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Catherine Cookson ✓ 2 Free download Free download The Glass Virgin Annabella Lagrange was the only child of a wealthy family owners of a glass works in the North East of England When Annabella was seven she thought the world a delightful place to live in and o. Cathrine Cookson really did her homework on glass and the process in which it was produced back when it was an uncommon household rarety I learnt so much about how glass is made and the different types and how hard it was to make back then The story follows Annabella Lagrange as the only child of a wealthy family of prosperous glass manufactorers Annabellas privalidged world and innocent outlook on life is uickly put to the test when she first witnesses her father not being as kind and good natured as she originally believed From that point on Annabella is pulled one way and then the other by her parents being manipulated to marry for love or for money until one day her life is saved by a handsome Spaniard Manuel Mendoza who unknown to Annabella would change her life forever THIS IS NOT YOUR SOPPY TYPICAL ROMANCEThe story is fast paced and there is a massive amount of moving around from location to location so you have to be on your toes and not be complacent with where you think the story is leading you I was at points utterly heartbroken and tearful as you desperately want things to work out and feel content on the charectos behalf Simply put The Glass Virgin is a story about how life can will and does kick you up the arse most of the time but if you grow and addapt you only become stronger and able to roll with the punches and occationally hit da FK back