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READ ☆ The Foundation Trilogy New entity the Foundation dedicated to art science and technology as the beginning of a new empire FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE describes the mighty struggle for power amid the chaos of the stars in which man stands at the threshold of a new enlightened life which could easily be destroyed by the ol. IntroductionBibliographical NoteSelect BibliographyChronology Foundation Foundation and Empire Second Foundation

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READ ☆ The Foundation Trilogy A THOUSAND YEAR EPIC A GALACTIC STRUGGLE A MONUMENTAL WORK IN THE ANNALS OF SCIENCE FICTION FOUNDATION begins a new chapter in the story of man's future As the Old Empire crumbles into barbarism throughout the million worlds of the galaxy Hari Seldon and his band of psychologists must create a. LoveisForever CHAPTER ONE The Foundation Trilogy By Isaac AsimovINTRODUCTIONIn my life there have been three science fiction booksseries that will always hold special shelf space in my heart s library The first and the subject of this review is The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov Yet before I begin my history with this extraordinary story let me briefly mention my other two great loves A DuneThe second of these pivotal SF relationships was with Dune who I first met while in college during my wilder days Dune being born in 1965 was 5 years my senior when we first hooked up I was so immediately and powerfully smitten with this tail tale that I actually became fearful that I had so completely spun out of control But now is not the time to discuss that relationship as there may be children present I ll just say that Dune that saucy talented cougar took me to heights of ecstasy that I d never before experienced with its richly exotic and poetically descriptive prose its nuanced characters and its plot as complex as anything I d encountered before Give me just a minutewipes browWhere was IOh yeahanyway being less than a literary Casanova at the time I was only able to read a few pages at a time due to prematurefatigue Later as my endurance improved I was able to last for hours before reaching the point of satiation I ll always be grateful to Dune for being my Mrs Robinson and so elouently teaching me that science fiction literature B HyperionMy third great SF love was Hyperion I first encountered this alluring novel several years after having graduated law school and become established in what is now my life Prior to first laying eyes on this beauty I honestly thought I was beyond the age of going gaga or experiencing the kind of sweaty palmed stutter causing bladder control losing nervousness that I used to feel when I was chasing comic books around the grade school schoolyard Well I was WRONG When Hyperion showed up on my doorstep with its bodaciously brainy concepts its gorgeously sensual prose and a plot so stacked and loaded with curves that you could actually hear BOOM CHICKA WAH WAH when its pages turned all I remember was my sweaty hands slipping off the doorknob as I wet myself while falling and gasping HHHeHellllloo just as my head hit the floorAgain since this is not a review of Hyperion I will save the details of that affair for another time However I can say that Hyperion currently represents to me the ideal of perfection within the science fiction genre I have never read better and it is the book against which all other science fiction experiences are judgedC Foundation TrilogyFinally we get to my very first SF love The Foundation Trilogy They say you never forget your first They are right It was The Trilogy that began my life long affair with science fiction Without Asimov s epic space opera I might never have met Dune or Hyperion and my life would have been the poorer for it Therefore this series will always hold a special sentimental place with me Of course I was very inexperienced when I first awkwardly touched this book and clumsily fingered the first few pages I had no idea what to expect I only know I was excited I mean there were 3 of them 3 stories and only one of me I was petrified that I would be inadeuate to the task Later when I was older and had been with many many other books don t judge me I looked back on my initial nervousness and chuckled Heck this is the kind of experience people write letters about in magazines Anyway as it turns out I could not have wished for a better first in the world of science fiction Asimov s tight straight forward prose took me in hand and gently guided me through the amazing world of the two Foundations Each of the stories that make up The Trilogy are special in their own way and so I ve decided to review each of them separately at a later date Here I will just summarize the series as a wholeSERIES OVERVIEWThe Galactic Empire spans 25 million worlds and has a population of over a uadrillion people FYI that is 1000000000000000 or over 166000 times the population of Earth It s hugeTWSS The empire is in decline However only a handful of brilliant scientists can see the collapse coming thanks to the science of psychohistory created by their leader Hari Seldon Hari and his group have determined that the empire s demise will lead to 30000 years of barbarism and have formulated a plan named after Seldon to reduce that dark period to only 1000 years The 3 books in The Trilogy chronicle the formulation and the initial implementation of the Seldon Plan This series is such an amazing way to be introduced to the science fiction genre The prose is uber readable the pace is lickity split and the stories themselves are full of larger than life characters doing larger than life things It s just highly entertaining with a feel good vibe that will whet the appetite for Now I would not argue with those that find this work less than compelling when viewed against the complete body of science fiction work out there This does not hold up under scrutiny with subseuent works including both Dune and Hyperion Still this a terrific starting point for someone new to science fiction and embodies the essence of what grand old space opera is supposed to be Big ideas larger than life characters and a story packed with smiles FINAL THOUGHTSIn conclusion I d like to say a few words to those who may doubt the depths of my feelings for this book given my literary promiscuity Those who ve seen my currently reading shelf and know that I go through books like the US spends money You might think me a bit disingenuous for writing so glowingly about these books in light of my behavior To those who would judge me let me just say with all due respect I ll grant that I enjoy a bit of experimentation when it comes to literature and freuently hook up with other genres sometimes several at a time However this practice in no way diminishes my love for science fiction Therefore please stop your moralizing What Science Fiction and I have is very special and I ll thank you not to point your judgments in our direction 60 stars HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATIONWinner Hugo Award for Best All Time Series The Foundation Trilogy 1966 Voted onto the Locus List of All Time Best Science Fiction Novel 4th


READ ☆ The Foundation Trilogy D forces of barbarism SECOND FOUNDATION follows the Seldon Plan after the First Empire's defeat and describes its greatest threat a dangerous mutant strain gone wild which produces a mind capable of bending men's wills directing their thoughts reshaping their desires and destroying the univers. 455Rese a en espa ol debajoMy problem with science fiction is the freedom of the authors to use words referring to physical phenomena to describe a certain technology For those who do not know I have a degree and a PhD in physics and the nerd in me can not avoid to think about how that technology would work so I usually spend a lot of time frustrating myself because I can not find the meaning Something like that happened to me with Hyperion by Dan SimmonsHowever although Asimov left me thinking for a while with some artifacts in general the narrative has focused on aspects such as the personality of several characters in this trilogy I thought it was a wonderful book which I could not stop reading It is really fascinating to read about the development of the Foundation during the years of anarchy and I definitely want to read much about this author There is not a minute of boredomSince the saga of the Foundation takes several centuries we do not see the point of view of a few characters but several generations are the ones who tell us this story people with different personalities and motivationsI really recommend it a lotMi problema con la ciencia ficci n es la libertad de uienes la escriben de utilizar palabras referidas a fen menos f sicos para describir una determinada tecnolog a Para uienes no lo saben tengo un grado y un doctorado en f sica y la nerd en m no puede evitar ponerse a pensar c mo esa tecnolog a funcionar a por lo ue suelo pasar mucho tiempo frustr ndome por no poder encontrarle el sentido Algo as me pas con Hyperion de Dan SimmonsSin embargo aunue Asimov me dej pensando un buen rato con algunos artefactos en general la narraci n se ha enfocado en aspectos como la personalidad de varios personajes de esta trilog a Me ha parecido un libro maravilloso al ue no pod a parar de leer Es realmente fascinante acompa ar al desarrollo de la Fundaci n durante los a os de anaru a y definitivamente tengo ganas de leer mucho m s de este autor No hay un minuto de aburrimientoDado ue la saga de la Fundaci n ocupa varios siglos no vemos el punto de vista de unos pocos personajes sino ue varias generaciones son las ue nos cuentan esta historia personas con diferentes personalidades y motivacionesRealmente lo recomiendo much simo