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Beating the Boys

Beating the Boys Free download ☆ 107 I Ken have taken several trips where the main objective was to meet strong women If I have the time and the chance to meet a few of the muscular kick ass women then I do it On this occasion I met four women Kiki and Rosela are sister and Maya is her mother Kiki is a genuine ass kicker She has incredibly beautiful thighs and an ultra feminine figure and face Kiki writes about how she has put an ex boyfriend and her brother in their place You also get a chance to see how a smaller man like me does against her Rosela is of a bodybuilder than a wrestler but she figured she’d wrestle me since I am so small 5’6” 143 Rosela has a thick pair of glutes and thighs that have to be seen to be believed But this lady is very symmetrical Her upper body is heavily muscled and very strong Their mother Maya is just 5’0” and over fifty years old but she was sure that she could ‘take me’ Her daughter were excited to watch Maya showed excellent techniue and the value of being a thick compact powerful Latin lady It was uite an experience for me I also loved hearing about how these women have used their skill and strength to tame other men I then visited Stella and she gave me an as

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Beating the Boys Free download ☆ 107 Hat are profiled in this book have been drooled over by our readers Sunita Hannah Emma and Cindy are amazing Sunita and Hannah both give Levi an education in woman power He has always likes strong women and he found a way to live his dreams Emma is the daughter of a wrestling coach and she’s the most adorable sexy power house next door that you can imagine Her curves muscles and her smile will drive you wild Cindy has a college age son and she shows him that he isn’t “strong for his size” as he previously indicated Cindy also defeats her husband and her father at arm wrestling What a humbled group of men But Cindy is a very athletic woman and a black belt Although she didn’t know that she could beat her husband at arm wrestling the married couple had been wrestling for many many years Cindy had actually been taming her husband since before they got married This is another happy female dominated family If you like strong skilled sexy women who can defeat men then please check out all of my books I am very thankful to these ladies for sharing their pictures and their stories with me It’s my genuine hobby and my greatest love and I am happy to share it all with you

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Beating the Boys Free download ☆ 107 S kicking that I will remember for many many years to come Stella is only about 5’3” but her 28 inch thighs nearly at me alive She discusses her past victories her thoughts on defeating men and the reaction she gets to her amazing body My match against Stella was a wipeout But what made this uniue was the dominating way that this lady rubbed it in This is a woman that thoroughly enjoys everything about the emasculation process You’ll be amazed at what this lady did with me and to me Alissa is next on my list to wrestle I really look forward to meeting this amazing lady She wrestled in high school and she found out later on that when men and women are the same size the woman has a serious chance for victory While some men have been crushed by the realization that this gorgeous blonde can whup them her husband loves it She is a bit shorter but heavier than her husband Keith and can kick his butt Alissa describes the great fun that can happen when both participants are comfortable with the female being the dominant species in the relationship The ending part of each book has profiles that appeared in other books or women that have already been profiled These four women t

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