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Story Marketing

Summary ´ Story Marketing Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Creating innovative impressive storytelling methods   Customer style Airbnb lets customers tell stories   Consumers have and platforms to share their experiences and perspectives and online reviews allow consumers to uickly understand a product Research has shown that 92% of people believe in the products recommended by their peers so it's a good idea to let customers tell stories about their experiences as a brand diffusion   In addition customer oriented storytelling can build trust and increase participation for example by inviting influential customersOn the blogShare the experience of use Airbnb is an excellent example of a rental service based Airbnb that publishes the story of real life experience on Airbnb's story platform The platform is like a private travel blog with a global story about Airbnb One of the couple's travel experiences was echoed on the platform and they shared the experience of using Airbnb for 2 years in 24 countries and released a film You can be our Airbnb own.

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Summary ´ Story Marketing Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Richard Branson CEO of Richard Branson a well known British company said Letting a brand tell a story is a way to differentiate a brand build a character a good entrepreneur must and it will tell a story ”   Another study shows that when a brand has good story marketing the value of goods or services in the hearts of consumers has doubled by than 20 times times This means that a good story is worth far than an old Kanban ad However the way to tell a story how to make the story to be effective is a learning   With the following 5 tips and examples of actual application stories each story has the greatest impact   Short YouTube 6 second challenge okay   By the influence of science and technology traditional advertising has gradually lost its advantages enterprises need to develop innovative ways to attract the eyes of consumers and the film is a good way many enterprises are trying to develop in this direction research also shows that the use of video marketing will make website traffi.


Summary ´ Story Marketing Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free C than 41%   However people's attention is getting shorter the 6 second advertisement is the example of the trend the 6 second advertisement can not only catch the consumers ' eyes uickly but also improve the people's participation rate Facebook understands this and intends to launch a 6 second advertising mechanism toBrand wants toThe story in this way uickly to target consumers; YouTube also adapts to the trend and actively invests in the 6 Second story challenge The 6 second video is a trend and it's important for leaders to learn about the latest trends and encourage the entire team to try   While 6 seconds may be difficult to convey too much content Google's early tests prove that it can significantly improve brand recall cognition and buying considerations   Google Creative DirectorBenjonesIt was a surprise to the advertising community to make the most of this 6 second time and create a refreshing piece of workBumperadsOpen up new areas of creativity for the advertising community –.

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