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Excommunicated Warrior review À 9 Nick started developing steps to work through the stages all aimed at the military community However through various speaking engagements it became clear that Nick's ideas about the 7 stages of transition applied to anyone not just veterans The stages applied to anyone that had gone through a life altering event This book outlines the 7 stages and how you can use them in your life In short the book is for anyone who has gone through a life changing event and refuses to be a victim of circumstance Anyone who decides to never uit never surrender and always move forwar.

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Excommunicated Warrior review À 9 As human beings we will inevitably go through a life changing event at some point in our life It could be losing a job of 20 years finalizing a divorce being forced to retire early because of an injury or leaving the military These life changing events can have disastrous effects on us and the people around us Some of us never work through these events and end up unhappy and stuck in life This happened to Nick when he left a 12 year career as a Marine Raider with the Marine Corps Special Operations Unit For years he was stuck with feelings of anger indifference and.

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Excommunicated Warrior review À 9 Bitterness Until he finally decided to take action and apply the skills he learned as a Raider and got to work on solving his personal problemsThe Excommunicated Warrior takes you through the journey of Nick's transition out of the Special Operations as he attempted to reintegrate into the civilian world Through this journey he identified 7 different stages of transitionNick uickly realized that these 7 stages were something most veterans had to go through and he launched a non profit that focused on helping the nation's veterans transition out of the military Soon.

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