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  • Hardcover
  • 224
  • Bloody Seoul
  • Sonia Patel
  • English
  • 12 July 2020
  • 9781947627208

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Bloody Seoul Summary Ö eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Rocky’s the most loyal 16 year old you’ll ever meet loyal to the Three Star Pa gang which his father runs in Seoul Korea; loyal to his best friends who accompany him everywhere he goes; DNF at 25%I did really try but Rocky is such an awful bully i know that he has issues at home and with himseld that he needs to work with and he hides himself by doing what he dose But i could nt get past the incident at 16% those who have read the book know He was just awful and i hated how he pretended to be all high and mightly be the king and all the my boys talk I just could nt get past it The bullying and his acting it just made me physically illIt s really sad because i had high hopes for this one But i just can t get myself to continue Nope No way

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Bloody Seoul Summary Ö eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Oves his friends his city and the power he wields But when he catches his father in a lie the truth is exposed and his life begins to unravel―and Rocky has no idea where it’s going to le At first I was drawn to the book because of the lovely artwork on the cover I had never heard of Sonia Patel and have never been particularly interested in the Korean culture but I have to say that this book really captured and held my attention I m pretty sure that the author s background as a psychiatrist helped when developing the protagonist When looking at other reviews I noticed that some people were saying that the sentences were too choppy and not well organized but I think that those things were intentional Since the story is from the first person point of view the readers are able to get inside of the mind of Rocky the main character who is a troubled teen that doesn t have it all together So sometimes his thoughts might be a little messy Overall this was a relatively uick read for me but enjoyable nonetheless I hope you guys decide to read it

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Bloody Seoul Summary Ö eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Loyal to his ever escalating public bullying of Ha na a girl at school; and finally loyal to the memory of his mother even though there are some things about her that he tries to forget He l I was a little on the fence about this book but overall I liked it At the beginning it was a little hard to read because Yi Kyung Seok is a wannabe gangster and bully The book is worthwhile in the end because of the journey he takes to start healing from how his family and past have traumatized him However it should be noted that if you have any triggers with self harm or abusive parents this book does contain those subjects Along with some violence underage drinking and smoking as far as I know and some drug use mentioned or seen in flashbacks The story is beautiful in its path to healing that Kyung Seok embarks on as he begins to realize the truth to his childhood and what truly happened to his mother who disappeared There are some rather horribly things on the way there but they re offset by the descriptions of the world around Kyung Seok or his support system as he begins to realize he is not as alone as he thought and does not have to live as he thought he did It was a uick read with a relatively fast pace and some lovely writing and scenery along the way I understand why books that focus on issues like these exist and that they can be very powerful and helpful but I think I struggled because the author is not Korean to my knowledge so it seemed a little strange for her to be writing this specific story although I know she has worked with a lot of Korean teenagers via her bio and added with how horrible Kyung Seok is just made me a little hesitant to finish it despite the gorgeous cover view spoiler And especially since his main target is bullying a Korean Indian girl and calling her a slur Perhaps this was cathartic or healing for the author or she thought it would be for others as he ultimately realizes how wrong he was and feels horrible upon learning how much he has hurt her But it was a bit confusing processing all this at the beginning I expected authors noted afterwards since there was no preface but there was not Perhaps I would have felt a bit better or assured things would turn out well with an afterwards or some notes hide spoiler