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  • Paperback
  • 320
  • Juliet the Maniac
  • Juliet Escoria
  • English
  • 22 October 2020
  • 9781612197593

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Juliet the Maniac Download É 0 G use self harm and mental illness that lands her in a remote therapeutic boarding school where she must ultimately find the inner strength and determination to survive 4 Haunting Stars I truly felt like I had a broken brain Except it wasn t even my brain It was a brain of a homicidal maniac She was trying to kill me A story told by a 14 year old Juliet is a story of drug addition mental illness and teenage rebellion This is an unapologetic raw and ruthlessly honest account of a young girl s struggle to fight the demons of mental illness It was a heart wrenching dark and horrifying read for me but I admired Juliet s ability to distance herself from some truly disturbing and painful events in her journey to recovery The writing was superb and it really allowed me to get inside of Juliet s mind and experience with her the darkness and pain of her illness and addiction Even though Juliet s thoughts and actions were often unemotional and disturbing I was still able to feel the inner turmoil her body and mind were going through Thank you NetGalley Melville House Publishing and the author Juliet Escoria for giving me an opportunity to read this haunting and heart wrenching book in exchange for my honest opinion

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Juliet the Maniac Download É 0 Year old honors student Juliet is poised for success at her Southern California high school However she soon finds herself on an increasingly frightening spiral of dru Let me begin with the fact the this book is absolutely terrifying Not in the thriller way but in the but for the grace of god there go I or worse my kids way Most terrifying of all though this is classified as fiction it feels undoubtedly autobiographicalJuliet is well adjusted smart normal teenager until she s not When she s not she s a bipolar homicidal suicidal hallucinating self harming drug taking sexually active 16 year old She spirals so deeply and so uickly that she committed to an alternative treatment centerSensitive readers beware Escoria does not shy away from a single detail profanity or violent act It s brutal It s sad And it s frustratingIt is also bitingly funny in moments heart wrenching always and smartly written Escoria tells this harrowing story in extremely short chapters sometimes only a few lines this is a stroke of emotional genius allowing me to catch my breath often She also includes chapters told from some time in the future cluing us in that Juliet does indeed survive that s not a spoilerNot easy but excellent

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Juliet the Maniac Download É 0 A shockingly dark funny and heartbreaking portrait of a young teenager's clash with mental illness and her battle toward understanding and recoveryAmbitious talented 14 A really great novel It s about a teenage girl who loses her mind and goes looking for it in an institution Reading this reminded me how great art can be when it s wounded and weird and funny and strange where the heart is Takes place in the 90s back blurb compares it to the Bell Jar and Girl Interrupted I thought it was its own beast I thought it was wild and fun and devastating and cool