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characters Sea of Fire

review Sea of Fire 103 A lone wolf spy's frantic race to prevent a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula while saving the love of his life from a North Korean prisonIn Sea of Fire Patrick Featherstone a former JSOC sniper is pressed back into service to find CIA agent Tyler Kang who has apparently defected to North Korea with sensitive missile technology  Patrick has been practicing Buddhism.

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review Sea of Fire 103 In Japan but finally agrees to find and if necessary kill Tyler Kang despite his Buddhist vow of non violence  However Patrick has a hidden agenda to rescue the love of his life from a North Korean prison  Before leaving he learns of a possible coup at the highest level of the North Korean power structure a coup which could easily spill over into an invasion of So.

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review Sea of Fire 103 Uth Korea and a retaliatory nuclear response  In the end only Patrick is positioned to avert a nuclear disaster of cataclysmic proportions  With breathtaking plot twists complex characters heart felt romance and revealing insights into the most mysterious country on the planet Sea of Fire sweeps from the gulags of North Korea to the corridors of power in Washington.

  • Hardcover
  • 288
  • Sea of Fire
  • Gregory Shepherd
  • English
  • 11 July 2020
  • 9780998059389