[ueering Paradigms IV] E–pub ½ Elizabeth Sara Lewis

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Characters ueering Paradigms IV

Read & download ✓ ueering Paradigms IV 100 South North Dialogues on ueer Epistemologies Embodiments and Activisms is composed of research presented at the fourth international ueering Paradigms Conference P4 held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil In line with the P project ethos of bringing together diverse epistemological and geographical allegiances this volume intends to con.

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Read & download ✓ ueering Paradigms IV 100 Tribute to building a ueer postcolonial critiue of the current politics of ueer activism and of ueer knowledge production and circulation However rather than perpetuating the North South dichotomy the papers gathered here are an effort to establish global dialogues that crisscross those axes as well as attempts at ueering epis.

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Read & download ✓ ueering Paradigms IV 100 Temologies socio political bonds and bodies embodiments and identities They endeavour to trouble uneual geographies of knowledge – namely the North as an exporter of theories and the South as their importer; the North as a producer of knowledge and the South as its object of study – hosting enormous potential for reinventi.

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  • 10 August 2019
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