Starfish E–book/E–pub

  • Hardcover
  • 340
  • Starfish
  • Akemi Dawn Bowman
  • English
  • 14 July 2020
  • 9781481487726

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Akemi Dawn Bowman à 7 Free read Read & Download Î eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB à Akemi Dawn Bowman Starfish Download ä eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Kiko Himura has always had a hard time saying exactly what she’s thinking With a mother who makes her feel unremarkable and a half Japanese heritage she doesn’t uite understand Kiko prefers to keep her head down certain that once she makes it into her dream art sc this truly meant everything to metw racism sexual emotional abuse parental abuse suicide attempt

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Akemi Dawn Bowman à 7 Free read Read & Download Î eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB à Akemi Dawn Bowman Starfish Download ä eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Jumps at the opportunity in spite of the anxieties and fears that attempt to hold her back And now that she is finally free to be her own person outside the constricting walls of her home life Kiko learns life changing truths about herself her past and how to be brave This painting isn t about the starfish It s about the girl who wants to venture out into the ocean away from the starfish so she can feel she matters I m eating cold brew coffee with ice cream as I am writing this review because I m reminded that although the ice cream is cold at first it slowly begins to warm up and melt inside your mouth to the point where the taste of the caffeine is the only taste This book reminded me of that cold at first but then warm as it mingles and the taste of the flavor still remaining but in this case the words and situation still remaining with me as it progresses Starfish centers around Kiko biracial teenage girl who wants nothing but to get away from her mother from her house and to go to an art school to be with people like her people who will see her drawings as art and who will see her as an artist After reuniting with one of her childhood best friends Kiko wants to go back to her old days with him and catch up on him wondering what separated them from each other and why We follow Kiko on her journey an artist who doubts her talent and wants nothing but to be away from her selfish mother and abusive uncle who has returned to live with her and how she comes to dealing with her struggles about her identity and race because of her mixed heritage about her lack of self love acceptance anxiety and family pressure Starfish is about what it s like to learn to accept yourself for who you are and for your uniue features It is about what it s like to be the person no one sees as normal because they are not what normal has been taught to be It s about what it s like to not be accepted by your own family member and seeing their true colors begin to appear color by color little by little It s about being differentTriggercontent warnings for anxiety suicide attempt and sexual abuse I draw a dragon breaking free from its grave and finally seeing what its winds and fire are for I can t put into words how much I love books that deal with mental health even if I can t put myself in the shoes of the main character or if I can t relate to them in any way Truthfully it reminded me of Eliza and Her Monsters and while many have adored Zappia s novel I couldn t help but be reminded of Eliza and how she is uite the same person as Kiko even with the whole art concept Putting the other issues aside I couldn t help but love Kiko and her character development Truthfully I felt bad for her I cried around page 14 because I knew that I would see her struggle in a similar way I have struggled She was a broken character who was puzzling herself back together piece by piece as she was learning secrets that were never meant to be spoken aloudWith the other issues put aside I loved this book I love the concept improvement characters the dynamics the warmth of two friends relationships and I love the idea of embracing one s true beauty while finding beauty in other things Books like these are important to me because of its message and what it is trying to portray in order for the reader to feel like they are either reading about themselves or imagining their life as the characters Like the author said on her twitter this book is not for everyone and that s okay but I also loved the fact that the author took responsibility apologized and made a change for the issues she had with this book like the issue with Kiko s mother being called bipolar and diagnosed with MPD even though an actual diagnosis or any mentions of them anywhere else were never mentioned Although I hate mental illness being wrongly portrayed especially in YA novels focusing on mental health itself I tried to mainly focus on Kiko and her journey since I seem to read based off enjoyment or character based most of the time In conclusion Starfish was truly a wonderful sad and beautiful journey for me to read I cried and I was happy I was angry and I was understanding I was worried and I was shockedOne of the biggest reasons I really enjoyed this was because of the representation of social anxiety that Kiko faces as a half Japanese girl who cannot handle social interaction situations where it involves to actually interact and not say giddy stuff because this person you re talking to doesn t know you and doesn t understand that fact that you just can t be a social person Truthfully Kiko at a party and school is the embodiment of me I can t go around anywhere without having to ask a friend to go with me and do everything for me because I m afraid I ll mess my order up or trip by hitting a door or basically just fall because of how clumsy I can get Kiko at a party was like reading about me telling everyone I don t drink and only going because my friend is going and I didn t want to upset her Kiko at school is me not doing that great and not asking people to sign my yearbook because I don t have friends Kiko on the phone is me telling people I am goof and not good because I stutter because in general interactions just suck While I saw me as Kiko at times I couldn t do anything but cry and have empathy for her when she was in her house Her relationship I mean can it even be called that with her mother was the most heart breaking thing to read because of how much she actually tried and didn t know I can t imagine what it s like having to live with a mother who lied to you so you can blame yourself for every family issue there is while she s absorbing herself in every way whereas she thinks she s perfect and you aren t because you weren t born looking like her so the word beauty doesn t fit in your dictionary Kiko s mother is literally the definition of self absorbed Egotistic Selfish Greedy I couldn t understand how Kiko actually dealt with her bullshit for such a long time Also the fact that her mother literally loves everyone especially Max than Kiko just because of their features and appearance shows how narcissist she was Everything Kiko said was unacceptable and taken as insults because her mother does so much for Kiko that Kiko doesn t appreciate it Further I can t comprehend how her mother thought it was acceptable to let her brother stay in the house after what he did But I mean two narcissists and disgusting shits living together make everything okay because everything the victim says will be used against them so it doesn t matter And I mean obviously she ll take his side and not Kiko s because Kiko s voice doesn t have value apparentlyI hated how her mother let her brother in the house again and how she got mad at Kiko for visiting her father I hated her mother and uncle for blaming Kiko this whole time only to make her feel bad and having her believe she had to do with every family issue I hated how Kiko was left traumatized and how her mother won t do anything because it s too unrealistic and not believable enough to understand her situation I hated how Kiko had no family support whatsoever and how her mother contradicted everything Kiko said only to go back to it the next day she was sorry I hated her mother s fake smiles and fake I love you s because she wanted to be seen as the nice person I hated her fake motherly love and how she displayed her fake support only to show her true colors of being an unsupportive and conceited person I can t tell you how much I hated her and Kiko s uncle Max Don t be fooled for the word family is not always what it always means But some people are just starfish they need everyone to fill the roles that they assign They need the world to sit around them pointing at them and validating their feelings But you can t spend your life trying to make a starfish happy because no matter what you do it will never be enough They will always find a way to make themselves the center of attention because it s the only way they know how to live I don t mind romance in a mental health book that is portrayed as it should be just as long as it s not the love solves problems trope and although it could feel like this can feel like that kind of trope it didn t to me I was actually glad Kiko and Jamie formed their friendship again that turned into a relationship I felt like she did need him after having Emery off to college and Jamie visiting I felt like Kiko needed someone I felt like she was too broken to be alone and I felt like her loneliness would negatively affect her I felt like the addition of Jamie back in Kiko s life was strong and reuired because I would probably do the same if I was in a situation like hers not specifically a boyfriend or male friend but anyone Kiko still has social anxiety and admits it would be hard but I felt like Jamie helped her He reminded her that she is uniuely beautiful and although Kiko didn t like the word uniue I felt like he knew what it really meant for her compared to him and others Kiko overall needed to hear compliments not negativityWhile reading this I wish we had background information on Kiko s family members and her friends including her brothers her dad Serena Emery and Jamie I can understand why there wasn t any since if there was the book would be longer but I wouldn t mind some information about Emery She was the friend Kiko deserved to have and keep but as they say some friendships don t last forever In addition Emery was very understanding of Emery and was so eager and excited for Kiko and her dreams of going to Prism Their dynamic was strong and I wish there had been dialogues between them but overall I m glad we got to see them for a while I ve always felt like I desperately needed to say my feelings out loud to form the words and get them out of me because they ve always felt like dark clouds in my head that contaminate everything around them The important message I took out of this is societal acceptance Kiko is half Japanese and is not accepting how her eyes are small her face is round her hair is straightly black her skin is pale East and Southeast Asia are one of the regions that struggle the most about stereotypes norms and acceptance As a Latina I can understand There are stereotypes for Latinx people just as there are for Asians and even White people themselves The trends of having to look like another of one s race or close enough are becoming cultural practical that people are literally paying to look like someone else When Kiko was describing herself as not beautiful and not enough like everyone else because of her looks I cried It felt like I was reading my thoughts There have been so many times I ve look at my latina friends and wondered Is that what I should look like or seen my latina mutuals on twitter post pictures where their face is flowing ad their body is proportioned and it gets to the point where I want nothing but to have those same features and appearancesBeauty standards are high up in every country it s becoming unbelievable because of how big comparison through one another is growing Social media is at fault Books are at fault Reality shows are at fault Everything is at fault because we end up comparing ourselves to what we see which is not us but others whether they re celebrities family members or friends I even end up saying my dogs have a better love life than me and will forever be far better looking than me Kiko comparing herself to White girls who are not biracial like her in her school hit home It s such a negative and harmful thing to do but sometimes you can t help itThe character development Kiko went through with the help of Jamie Hiroshi and even her brother was so beautifully crafted I could cry of delight It didn t end with her accepting herself but she did come to the point where she was embracing her features and being proud of herself I couldn t blame her She was used to being around people who were the complete opposite of her that she felt like she didn t belong where she was until she went to Chinatown and saw people like her saw things that included her Japanese culture that her moments were becoming optimistic There s me split in half Japanese and white stitching myself together again abecause I am whole only when I ve embraced the true beauty of my heritage Starfish is about following Kiko on her pitiful journey on what s it s like to have to find support for yourself and having to realize that you shouldn t let the vainest people in your life get in the way of you being happy and pursuing your dreams Accept your uniue beauty It wouldn t be fun to look like everyone else Besides we all have to dream our own dreams We only get one life to live live it for yourself not anyone else

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Akemi Dawn Bowman à 7 Free read Read & Download Î eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB à Akemi Dawn Bowman Starfish Download ä eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Hool Prism her real life will beginBut then Kiko doesn’t get into Prism at the same time her abusive uncle moves back in with her family So when she receives an invitation from her childhood friend to leave her small town and tour art schools on the west coast Kiko This was brutally BRILLIANT I haveI have feelings So many At least than 2 which is intense It was sweet and it was super super sad and had an incredible ending and justwow ok Wow It has the BEST representation of social anxiety I ve ever readIt literally just read my mind and writing out my thoughtswhich sounds creepy written out like that wow Cait well done But I mean this in a good way If you have anxiety or social anxietyI 500% recommend this book I mean I heckin recommend it even if you are a mutant potplant The point is though it s uplifting and encouraging to see anxiety represented so well and with such love and care Kiko s family life breaks my heartHer mother absolutely psychologically abused her and is totally racist Kiko s never felt loved pretty validated or cared about And reading about characters like that just makes me BURN with fury that they can be so overlooked I rooted for Kiko to get her dream of being an artist and get out so so bad I loved the super sweet friendship between her and Jamieoh and I also loved her beautiful and uplifting and empowering female friendship with Emery But her and Jamie were SO CUTE Like childhood friends who lost each other when they were 11 and NOW ARE BACK Their lack of communication sort of made me want to eat a brick wall But you know Who communicates Haha No one What did I say about mutant potplants We are all JAMIE WAS ADORABLE THOUGH He did some dubious things I wasn t pleased about view spoileraka forcing her into the artist opportunities by submitting her work without her knowledgeand I know this is because he believed in her and she was self sabotaging so I GET IT I love why he did it but it still makes me turn laser eyes onto someone who forces people places hide spoiler