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  • Fury The Seven Deadly #3
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  • 03 August 2019
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Fury The Seven Deadly #3 review ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Revenge is an euphoric thing Trust me on this Nothing compares to the release you get when you ruin someone’s life When they’ve stolen important things Things that didn’t belong to them Things I revel in making them pay forWha. Stunning Captivating Heartbreaking Like many fans of Fisher Amelie and the Seven Deadly series it feels I have been waiting forever for this book I will admit that I have stalked her fan page once or 100 times to see if there was any news on the release date of Fury I don t use the word fan here lightly Ms Amelie writes the kinds of books I LOVE She tells about the human condition She takes you on a journey along with her character s who are suffering some plight and through their journey of discovery you will learn something too Her insight is incredible Her writing is fluid engaging and powerful Her word choice is not an after thought It is clear that each one is chosen with a purpose maximum impact This series tackles the Seven Deadly Sins as found in the Christian religionVain book 1 Greed book 2 Fury book 3 Lust book 4 Idle book 5 Binge book 6 Envy book 7Fury or wrath specifically tackles the concept of great anger that expresses itself in a desire to punish someone that we feel has wronged us Anger is a consuming thing a burning takeover It sets up shop in your heart and head and murders anything else attempting to make its way in Life becomes obsessed with it clouded with it engrossed in it You justify the feeling with delusions that you re owed retribution You condone thoughts and vengeful acts feeding yourself with the idea that it s warranted Warning Although this can be read as a standalone slight spoiler ahead if you have not read Greed book 2 Ethan Moonsong was overcome with feelings of revenge His heart was broken and cold turning harder by the day He was becoming consumed with seeking revenge against Spencer Blackwell for stealing away the love of his life Caroline He was drinking excessively not working and planning a sick revolving door of daily activities One night out drunk at the local bar he runs into his high school friend Finley Dyer whom he hadn t seen in years And he doesn t want to see her now Embarrassed by the fact that the whole town knows about his breakup and also by his drunkenness he turns into a bit of a jerk Clearly trying to push her away But Finley who as a high schooler had a bit of a crush on him can t be pushed away She sees a friend in need and doesn t get pushed around Rather she becomes pushy making him eat giving him coffee and making him talk and listen She doesn t let him play victim to his circumstances Life isn t fair Life is far very very far from fair Sometimes it slaps you so hard in the face you fall back you hit the ground with a resounding thud knocks the breath outta you but it s how uickly you stand and fight for the life you want and how you forge that new path that defines you Ethan nothing is so overwhelming so dreadful that it cannot be defeated Eventually Finley Dyer s fiery spirit unending unconditional friendship pulled Ethan from the depth of hell he found himself in She saves him I adored and respected her character so much She was incredibly brave and strong She tells it like it is she pulls no punches She realizes life is too short to be waisted Don t you want forever with someone who burns for you the way you burn for her You deserve that just as much as she does Then she leftFinley Dyer had her own secrets her own pain to relieve to be rid of So she went to Vietnam to volunteer to attempt to save herself Fearing for her safety Ethan soon followed What he found was a travesty that brought back his fury ten foldEthan Moonsong was a born warriorIn order to seek revenge Ethan gave up something in return he gave up a piece of his soul his self worth a little bit of respect other s had in him Because in seeking revenge you have to disregard your beliefs and your conscience in order to carry out the things you would not normally doIt is the storyline I am being purposefully vague about I think less is here and you will gain so much by experiencing it as it unfoldsI would classify this book as mature YANA for some strong language and violence There is no sex but it is beautifully romantic that first kiss had me grinning and suealingI cannot say enough about this book and its beauty The slow building romance friends to lovers was endearing The writing spellbinding The story heart breakingARC graciously provided in exchange for honest review

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Fury The Seven Deadly #3 review ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook L savage cold blooded murderer and I’m here for my revengeI’m Ethan MoonsongAnd this is the story about how I went from the world’s most sacrificing man to the most feared and why I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the worl. I didn t like Greed but I m sooooooo excited for this book Ethan I m waiting for your crazy and angry mind

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Fury The Seven Deadly #3 review ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook T Have I offended you I’m not here to appeal to your delicate senses I have no intention of placating your wishes or living within your personal belief system nor do I care if you hate me And you will hate me Because I’m a bruta. I was eagerly anticipating the release of this book Upon completion I have mixed feelings I d rate this 35 stars So here s my breakdownPros It was fairly priced at 199 at my time of purchase I adore Fishers writing style The relationship between Fin and Ethan was solid I liked that they were friends first It s a complete story I like that about this series that each book can be read as a standalone No cliffhangers etcCons It was pretty ridiculous the hero Ethan was a badass I get that He could walk in a room and clear it out with only his 2 knives It was just unrealistic though 10 enemy men sometimes sometimes less with guns and he just storms in takes charge kicks a little ass and goes about his way with what he came after Over and over His abundance of skill was done to an overkill The repetitiveness started to drive me crazy BreatheBreatheBreathe at a point I was thinking please don t Lack of sex I m not saying that s a deal breaker but if you are in a place where your life is at high risk daily and you are with the love of your life what s the hold up I think a little action would have not only strengthened the story but also the bond between the hero and heroine This wasn t a long book and because of this I felt too much emphasis was put on Vietnam in general It went into uite a bit of detail about the area the culture translations their food etc It almost felt as if too much aspect was put on the area and too little on the characters The first 20% of the book I tired of Ethan he was just whined too much I get that he was heartbroken but he came across as pathetic to me in the beginning thankfully he was able to redeem himself for the most partSo I guess I have to finish up by saying I did like this book but I certainly didn t love it It was my least favorite in this series so far There were just too many far fetched over the top scenarios I get that its fiction but the situations were so extreme at times that it kept me from feeling a connection to the characters or plot I m still glad I read it though and Ill defiantly read anything else Fisher publishes