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Characters Walmart by Hugo Meunier Hugo Meunier å 0 Summary Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å Hugo Meunier Lus grande entreprise de commerce de détail de la planèteAprès cette expérience le reporter prend la route pour enuêter sur l’empire – du Mexiue à Jonuière en passant par l’Arkansas S’ajoute alors à son récit de la vie « sur le plancher » un saisissant portrait d’ensemble de Walmart et du culte u’on y voue au seul dieu ue vénère vraiment l’Amériue l’argent. I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews I let them do itIn 2012 journalist Hugo Meunier went undercover as a Walmart employee for three months in St Leonard uebec just north of MontrealIn great detail Meunier charts the daily life of an impoverished Walmart worker referring to his shifts at the box store giant as somewhere between the army and Walt Disney Each shift began with a daily chant before bowing to customer demands and the constant pressure to sell Meanwhile Meunier and his fellow workers could not afford to shop anywhere else but Walmart further indenturing them to the multi billion dollar corporationBeyond his time on the shop floor Meunier documents the extraordinary efforts that Walmart exerts to block unionization campaigns including their 2005 decision to close their outlet in Jonuiere C where the United Food and Commercial Workers union had successfully gained certification rights A decade later he charts the Supreme Court of Canada ruling that exposed the dubious legal ground on which Walmart stood in invoking closure and throwing workers out on the streetIn Walmart Diary of an Associate Meunier reveals the truths behind Walmart s low prices it will make you think twice before shopping thereThis was a very uick read as I learned NOTHING new I still hate Walmart as they treat their staff just as badly as their customers Nothing is ever in stock Sure some customers are jerks who may deserve how they are being treated But it s no different from any employer who preys on minimum wage workers Tim Horton s Mc Donalds etc If you thought that life was a dream at the Big Dubya then you might want to read this book People like me who read the newspaper will earn nothing new I said that I would be honest

Characters Walmart by Hugo MeunierWalmart by Hugo Meunier

Characters Walmart by Hugo Meunier Hugo Meunier å 0 Summary Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å Hugo Meunier Au nord de Montréal Pendant sa vie d’« associé » il a tenu un journal dans leuel il a consigné avec humour les anecdotes de son uotidien Les célèbres cris de ralliement les clients déchaînés les palettes ui s’écroulent les absurdes séances de formation il décrit avec un remaruable sens du détail tout ce ui ponctue les journées de travail des petits salariés de la p. In 2012 Canadian investigative journalist went undercover in a Walmart store to expose just how awful the company is etc etc There s nothing new or revelatory here as we are all far too familiar with big corporations abusing their workers and paying them peanuts In fact I don t think Walmart came out of this particularly badly compared to other companies Sadly it has now become the norm But those low prices are pretty irresistible and nothing is going to change unless consumers boycott en masse Which I don t see happening So all I learnt from this rather supercilious and repetitious account is that Walmart is evil and that Meunier is good for exposing this and that he s also rather arrogant and far too good for the daily grind of those less well off less educated and less intelligent than he is

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Characters Walmart by Hugo Meunier Hugo Meunier å 0 Summary Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook å Hugo Meunier « Katia ma boss de La Presse trouve ue je prends mon nouveau travail trop à coeur ue j’en oublie même un peu pouruoi je suis devenu associé Je ne pense presue plus à mon reportage Je pense à mes palettes mes livraisons mes rotations mon over et mon facing Je pense Walmart »Journaliste à La Presse Hugo Meunier s’est infiltré pendant trois mois dans une succursale de Walmart. Meh While this was a fairly accurate look at what a Wal Mart employee s life is like as a former one myself I see the gaps I also didn t care for his tone in a few places It s no Nickel and Dimed What we need is a book by an actual associate one who is working there because they need to not as an experiment We d lose the often pretentious better than thou tones then