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Tactical Barbell Summary ´ 100 Lanet This is training camp Couch to Cop in 12 weeks Prepared by a former soldier paratrooper and Subject Matter ExpertOperator on a Federal Hostage Rescue TeamPPLE is broken down into two Blocks Block I consists of general strength and conditioning If you’re a novice this is where you’ll start In Block II we take the foundation you’ve developed in Block I and start funnelling your conditioning into the specific skillsets you’ll reuire for the academy and for your entry level police fitness testEACH an. I had fantastic results with the regular Tactical Barbell program Definitive Strength Training for the Operational Athlete so I looked at this mostly out of curiousity although I am NOT a police candidate This is most definitely a high uality program that will deliver for law enforcement hopefuls just not exactly what I was looking for I did learn uite a bit about blockseasonal training from this book which I ve since applied to my own training If you wanna get in shape to be a cop then this will be invaluable If you re not preparing for police work stick with the regular TB book

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Tactical Barbell Summary ´ 100 So you want to get into law enforcementWhat’s the best way to train for the academy How about the entry level fitness test Do you lift weights Do calisthenics Long distance runs or sprints Maybe you can’t perform a single pull up and just getting off the couch seems like a daunting task Or maybe you’re already in great shape and want to funnel your ability towards police specific fitnessWelcome to Tactical Barbell's Physical Preparation for Law Enforcement the most effective police fitness guide on the p. From the creators of Tactical Barbell I had great results with their strength book so was eager to take a look at their new offering This is a top of the line book if you fall into a narrow category you re preparing for police fitness testing or police academy I ve rarely seen the approach this book takes to PFT prep It s 12 weeks long divided into 2 blocks general strengthconditioning and Specificity This is the way professional athletes usually set up their training Highly recommended if you re planning for a career in law enforcement There is no doubt this book will get you ready and then some On the other hand if you re just looking to get into overall great shape look into Ross Enamait s Infinite Intensity

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Tactical Barbell Summary ´ 100 D EVERY training session over the course of 12 weeks is covered in great detail Not a single day is left to your imagination 84 days laid out for you with all guesswork removedDon’t put your precious time and energy into incorrect efforts or allow yourself to get misguided by the inexperienced A career in law enforcement is for life and is worth spending the time to prepare for correctly Let the professionals in the field show you how to ace your police fitness test and prepare you for the academy and beyond. 5 stars I m a police officer and I instructed at the academy several years ago I was primarily involved in teaching emergency vehicle operation but I also assisted with fitness from time to time This book is actually overkill for academy prep you definitely won t have any issues with anything that gets thrown at you My only small beef with this program is lack of any swimming drills The 48 week set up is excellent If you like Ross Enamait Pavel Tsatsouline and the like you ll get a lot out of this