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  • Brand Luther
  • Andrew Pettegree
  • English
  • 08 April 2020
  • 9781594204968

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Read & Download Brand Luther 104 A revolutionary look at Martin Luther the Reformation and the birth of publishing on the eve of the Reformation’s 500th anniversaryWhen an obscure monk named Martin Luther tacked his “theses” on the door of the Wittenberg church in 1517 protesting corrupt practices he was virtually unknown Within months his ideas spread across Germany then all of Europe; within years their author was not just famous but infamous responsible for catalyzing the violent wave of religious reform that would come to be known as the Protestant Reformation and engulfing Europe in decades of bloody warLuther came of age with the printing press and the path to glory of neither one was obvious to the casual observer of the time Andrew Pettegree is perhaps our most distinguished living historian of the print revolution but he launched his career as a histo. For years the newfangled printing press was only utilized by the church for the church Small local publishers turned out books in Latin that had little in common with what we expect in a book today like consistent and grammatically correct word breaks The development of the book as we know it was due to Lucas Cranach who created title pages with decorative elementswith the author s name prominently displayed And he developed this format for his friend Martin Luther best selling writer of the early 1500sAndrew Pettegree s title tells the whole story Brand Luther How an Unheralded Monk Turned His Small Town into a Center of Publishing Made Himself the Most Famous Man in Europe and Started the Protestant Reformation The book tells the stories of a monk turned best selling author a one customer book industry that found an explosive new market and how a small town became a boom townI learned in my Reformation History course that Luther was a Cultural Icon a mass media guru who used the latest technology and gasp even wrote in the vernacular so non clerics could read theology and the Bible In 1513 when Luther arrived in Wittenberg he though it was a small ugly village on the edge of civilization Even the rival of Luther s Patron remarked That a single monk out of such a hole could undertake a Reformation is not to be tolerated The university printing press was the only operation in town and its printer slow and his book inelegant By 1543 there were six shops turning out about 90 books a year Luther single handedly changed the book business How the printing industry and the Reformation were intertwined is at the heart of this bookPettegree has a readable style and his presentation of the history and theology was not difficult to follow Although not a biography of Luther or a study in Reformation history the reader will learn a great deal about both Included in the book are illustrations including the books discussed and portraits of Luther by Cranach1541 Bible translated by Martin Luther design by Lucas CranachI received a free ebook from the publisher in exchange for a fair and unbiased review

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Read & Download Brand Luther 104 Nberg’s printers created the look of Luther's pamphlets which included the distinct highlighting of the words Martin Luther of Wittenberg on the title page Cranach also created the iconic portraits of Luther that made the reformer such a familiar figure to his fellow Germans Together Luther and Cranach created a product that spread like wildfire it was both incredibly successful and widely imitated Soon Germany was overwhelmed by a blizzard of pamphlets with Wittenberg at its heart; the Reformation itself would blaze on for than a hundred yearsPublishing in advance of the Reformation’s 500th anniversary  Brand Luther fuses the history of religion of printing and of capitalism the literal marketplace of ideas into one enthralling story revolutionizing our understanding of one of the pivotal figures and eras in all of human histo. This might be one of the best books on the German Reformation I have yet read That it lends a uniue view of the Reformation through the publishing aspect certainly helps Had to read this as a text for my ULondon Reformation History course

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Read & Download Brand Luther 104 Rian of the Reformation That double vision positions him to comprehend this epic event not simply as a religious story but also as a story about how ideas were carried and spread in new ways by new things things called mass produced books Printing was and is a risky business the uestions were how to know how much to print and how to get there before the competition Pettegree illustrates Luther's great gift not simply as a theologian but as a communicator indeed as the world's first mass media figure its first  brand He recognized in printing the power of pamphlets written in the collouial German of everyday people to win the battle of ideasBut that wasn't enough not just words but the medium itself was the message Fatefully Luther had a partner in Wittenberg in the form of artist and businessman Lucas Cranach who together with Witte. How can an unpublished obscure Roman Catholic monk move from the shadows to the world stage in a matter of years This is the subject of Andrew Pettegree s book Brand Luther Pettegree walks meticulously through the events of the Reformer s life events that would mark a nation and rock the world This is Brand Luther The author sets the stage by alerting readers to Luther s fascinating background From his birth in Eisleben to his university days in Erfurt and his teaching days at in Wittenberg Pettegree establishes Luther s cultural context along with vivid allusions to the theological landscape Ultimately his design is to show how Luther rises to prominence in a most unusual way Brand Luther is uniue in that it captures the pathos of the 16th century The author delves into matters that pertain to culture theology economics and personal emotion to name a few The author has an uncanny ability of navigating readers on the path that Luther walked and placing them in the emotional state he experienced and the physical ailments he endured The turmoil that Luther felt and the threat of impending death looms like London fog on a cold autumn evening The author argues that Luther s writing along with the establishment of the printing press are integral to his success not to mention the gains of the Protestant Reformation Many things conspired to ensure Luther s unlikely survival through the first years of the Reformation but one of them was undoubtedly print The book is filled with evidence that points in this direction which bolsters the author s thesis along the wayBrand Luther is a serious work of history which spans nearly 400 pages but the book reads like a novel uite an accomplishment for a scholarly work Essential reading for students of the Reformation