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  • Hardcover
  • 432
  • The After Room The Apothecary #3
  • Maile Meloy
  • English
  • 19 September 2020
  • 9780399175442

Maile Meloy ´ 5 Summary

The After Room The Apothecary #3 Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Maile Meloy ´ 5 Summary It’s 1955 and Benjamin Burrows and Janie Scott are trying to live a safe normal life in America It’s not easy when they have the power to prevent nuclear disaster and sinister forces are circling Soon the advice of a mysterious unscrupulous magician propels Janie and Benjamin. Wow This book was justbreathtaking Benjamin and Janie both had such good character development and their romance was was so touching SPOILERS AHEADI almost cried when SPOILER Janie came back to life and how much Benjamin cared about her And that ending It was just perfect Benjamin fate is certainand Janie is talented in sciences so she has probably decided to stay with him I really liked how Janie and Benjamin had fights and doubts about each other which I think strengthened their relationship and love but in the moments that mattered they were there with each other Ned and Jin Lonow that was perfect Pip made me the laugh the whole way He s traveled a long way to get to Valentina cough Sarah cough This series has touched my heart in so many ways

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The After Room The Apothecary #3

The After Room The Apothecary #3 Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Maile Meloy ´ 5 Summary R The triumphant finale in the trilogy that began with Maile Meloy’s bestselling critically acclaimed The Apothecary and continued in its captivating seuel The Apprentices The After Room is full of enchantment and heart with Ian Schoenherr’s stunning illustrations throughout. By far my favorite of the three books it was so good and tied everything up perfectlyJust how far everyone has come over the past three books is unbelievable and the way the story came together in the end was wonderfulI m going to miss this series majorly but am so proud of the characters that I m almost not upset about having to say goodbyeIt just left a really good feeling with me and I m really happy now55 stars

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The After Room The Apothecary #3 Free download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Maile Meloy ´ 5 Summary Into danger and toward the land of the dead   Meanwhile their friend Jin Lo washes up on a remote island where an American spy is stationed and finds herself on the trail of a deadly threat in China But she’s on the other side of the world how can Janie and Benjamin reach he. This review is also available on my blog Read Till DawnThis is I have to say a very strange trilogyBut I love it I can t help loving it even when I m wrinkling my brow and going huh This was the perfect conclusion to the trilogy wrapping things up for everyone in such a way that just makes senseI was a little worried going in about the theology considering the way the characters can actually send their minds to talk with dead people It s very strange yes but there s no direct reference to any specific religion and Meloy keeps it ambiguous enough that I think readers can interpret everything however they want toHonestly I don t have much to say about this book because it is such a peculiar gem that so perfectly ends the series This series is one of those things that you either love or hate and I love it but at the same time sometimes I pause and go hmm weird The strange mix of science and magic ie alchemy works wonderfully throughout the series and the plots of all three books are realistic and compelling I honestly felt the characters emotions bleed into me as I read making me laugh and cry and occasionally blush along with themThe entire trilogy is one of those things that I have a hard time analyzing because it s so uniue and flawless that I can t think of any ways to change it No wait I do have one way the ending I would have liked a little bit of a punchier final scene Then again I was mulling it over in my head for like a week afterward so maybe the slightly underrated ending was the way to go Hmm Gah I know I sound so conflicted and confused Just read the series for yourself and you can make up your own mind about it I d love to know whether you love it or hate it