KINDLE [Robo Sauce]

  • Hardcover
  • 48
  • Robo Sauce
  • Adam Rubin
  • English
  • 15 October 2019
  • 9780525428879

Adam Rubin ☆ 4 characters

Free read Robo Sauce Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Adam Rubin Adam Rubin ☆ 4 characters Bots take over and transform this very book right before your eyes Get ready for a surprise ending the likes of which humanity has never seen. Can t say I ve read anything like this before The older students 3 5 liked it as a read aloud especially when it turns into a robot book and dominates the world It begins with a boy in a robot costume who makes a potion that turns him into a robot He terrorizes his city and turns his family into robots before the narrator starts to scold him for losing control This was a good way to explain metafiction to students Robo boy gets back at the narrator and zaps the book into a robot I m not uite sure what the message is except that a kid can live through the robot and pretend he or she has power in the world or let the robot loose inside It s a fun weird book

Free read Robo SauceRobo Sauce

Free read Robo Sauce Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Adam Rubin Adam Rubin ☆ 4 characters A gigantic awesome robot Be careful what you wish for Here's the story of a magic potion called Robo Sauce It's all happy fun times until ro. When I whip out the old we re living in a golden age of picture book creation argument with colleagues and friends they humor what I m sure they consider to be my hyperbole Suuuuuure we are Betsy Not prone to exaggeration or anything are you But honestly I think I could make a case for it Look at the picture books of the past They were beautiful intricately crafted and many of them are memorable and pertinent to child readers today What other art form for kids can say as much You don t exactly have five year olds mooning over Kukla Fran and Ollie these days right sorry mom But hand them Goodnight Moon and all is well Now look at picture books today We re living in a visual learner s world The combination of relaxed picture books standards example comics and meta storytelling are a okay publishers willing to try something new and weird and a world where technology and visual learning plays a heavy hand in our day to day lives yields creative attempts hitherto unknown or impossible to authorillustrators as recently as ten years ago And when I try to think of a picture that combines these elements meta storytelling new and weird technology permeating everything we do no book typifies all of this better or with as much panache as Robo Sauce Because if I leave you understanding one thing today it is this This may well contain the craziest picture book construction from a major publisher I have EVER seen No Seriously This is insane Don t say I didn t warn you either We all know that kid who thinks pretending to be a robot is the most fun you can have When the hero of this story tries it though he just ends up annoying his family That s when the narrator starts talking to him directly What if there was a recipe for turning yourself into a REAL robot Would you make it Would you take it You BET you would But once the boy starts destroying things in true mechanical fashion I bet you were unaware that robots were capable of creating tornadoes weren t you it s pretty lonely The narrator attempts to impart a bit of a lesson here about how to appreciate your familydoglife but when it hands over the antidote the robot destroys it on sight Why Because it s just created a Robo Sauce Launcher with which to turn its family its dog the entire world and even the very book you are reading into robots How do you turn a normal picture book into a robot Behold the pull out cover that wraps around the book Once you put it on and open the other cover the text and images inside are entirely robotized Robo Domination is near It may however involve some pretty keen cardboard box suits These days the idea that a narrator would speak directly to the characters in a book is par for the course Breaking down the fourth wall has grown how do you say pass We almost expect all our books to be interactive in some way If Press Here made the idea of treating a book like an app palatable then it stands to reason that competing books would have to up the ante as it were In fact I guess if I m going to be perfectly honest here I think I ve kind of been waiting for Robo Sauce for a long time Intrusive narrators characters you have to yell at books you shake they re commonplace Into this jaded publishing scene stepped Rubin and Salmieri They re New York Times bestsellers in their own right Dragons Love Tacos so they re not exactly newbies to the field They ve proven their selling power But by what witchcraft they convinced Penguin to include a shiny pull out cover and to print a fifth of the book upside down I know not All I can be certain of is that this is a book of the moment It is indicative of something far greater than itself Either it will spark a new trend in picture books as a whole or it will be remembered as an interesting novelty piece that typified a changing era Let s look at the book itself then In terms of the text I m a fan The narrator s intrusive voice allows the reader to take on the role of adult scold Kids love it when you yell at a book s characters for being too silly in some way and this story allows you to do precisely that Admittedly I do wish that Rubin had pushed the narrator trying to teach a lesson aspect a little farther If the lesson it was trying to impart was a bit clearer than just the standard love your family shtick then it could have had of a punch Imagine if instead the book was trying to teach the boy about rejecting technology or something like that Any picture book that could wink slyly at the current crop of drop the iPhone pick up a book titles currently en vogue would be doing the world a service I m not saying I disagree with their message They re just all rather samey samey and it would be nice to see someone poke a little fun at them while still by the end reinforcing the same message As for Salmieri s art the limited color palette is very interesting You ve your Day Glo orange black white brown and pale pink didn t see that one coming Other colors make the occasional cameo but the bulk of the book is pretty limited It allows the orange to shine or in the case of the robot cover the limited palette allows for something particularly shiny And check out that subtle breaking down of visual stereotypes Black dad and white mom A sister that enjoys playing with trucks I am ON BOARD with all this I won t be the last parentlibrariansuishy human to hold this book in my hands and wonder what the heck to do with it What I do know is that it s a lot of fun Totally original And it has a bunch of robots in it causing massive amounts of destruction All told I d say that s a win So domo arigato Misters Rubin and Salmieri Domo arigato a whole bunchFor ages 4 6

Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Adam Rubin

Free read Robo Sauce Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Adam Rubin Adam Rubin ☆ 4 characters The New York Times best selling team behind Dragons Love Tacos is back with a heartwarming tale of robot dominationHave you ever wanted to be. I like this book very much