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  • Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear
  • Jay Miller
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  • 02 June 2018
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Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear free read Ò 106 free read Ü PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · Jay Miller Jay Miller · 6 free download Oses his eyes wishes for a banjo and lets the fish go Of course nothing happened Fishes are not magicians or genies after allAnd yet years later as Bingo is fishing in the 'Sweet Hole' he once fished with his grandpa he catches a very large fish who tells him that he has safely. Jay Miller has cleverly written an animal story for children woven with a sweet message of family This charming book is written in rhyming verse which I love to read out loud to my Grandsons Let me give you an example of Jay s opening pageWhen Bingo was a bear cub he use to sing and dance and he would shake a leg like he had ants in his pantsBingo the banjo picking Bear will entertain children from 9 12 The illustrations by Bobbi Switzer are well done and uite animated The pictures are sure to put a smile on your face and cause you to chuckle out loudKeep in mind that Bingo is a young cub and he loves to go fishing with his Grandpa This book is close to my heart because of the very fact that I come from a fishing family So when our son was very young we spent many days out at sea or at nearby lakes Another theme Jay brilliantly weaves into his story is one of patience and loveAnd that s a winning comboThe added plus to this story is a very catchy song towards the back of the book that delights my heart as a musician and piano teacher Upon reading this enjoyable book you just might find yourself grabbing any stringed instrument or perhaps you have a banjo and will join in with Bingo s fun song I highly recommend JayMillers fun animal story book Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear

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Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear free read Ò 106 free read Ü PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · Jay Miller Jay Miller · 6 free download What Would You Wish For If You Caught a Genie Fish Bingo a young bear cub goes fishing with his grandpa His one wish is to have a banjo so he can sing and dance for his grandfather Bingo catches a little fish who promises to grant him a wish if only he could be set free Bingo cl. wwwapexreviewsnetinfoapexreviewsnetBingo The Banjo Picking BearJay MillerISBN 9781432707392Outskirts PressReviewed By Rhonda CarverOfficial Apex Reviews RatingFrom the time that he was just a young cub Bingo has always beenmusically inclined In fact the only thing that he wants to do than sing anddance is have a banjo to play that way he ll be free to strum on it all day longmaking all kinds of music and singing all kinds of songsSo imagine Bingo s surprise when he goes fishing with his Grandpa oneday and catches a little fish in their favorite fishing hole who promptly promisesto grant him any wish he desires as long as he agrees to let him goso whatdoes Bingo wish for A banjo of course but after letting the fish go the banjo isnowhere to be found and as the years go by it never shows upTrue to form though Bingo and his Grandpa head back to their favoritefishing hole one day and much to his surprise Bingo catches the same little fishthat he did before Only this time the fish has gotten much bigger and wouldmake uite a good meal for Bingo and his Grandpa that is until he gives Bingoa bit of news that just may change his mindBook 1 in the All God s Critters series Bingo The Banjo Picking Bear isan enjoyable treat for young readers In it author Jay Miller gives a genuineexuberance to Bingo that ultimately proves infectious as you find yourself boppingand singing along to his musical zeal Also the volume is amply and richlyillustrated which does much to bring Bingo to life veritably dancing off the pageBingo The Banjo Picking Bear will surely liven up many a bedtimereadings at the same time teaching youngsters all over the world that their mostfervent wishes can indeed come true as long as they re made for the rightreasons

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Bingo the Banjo Picking Bear free read Ò 106 free read Ü PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB · Jay Miller Jay Miller · 6 free download Kept the wished for banjo until he would meet the bear again Bingo is so delighted that he lets the fish go and starts a pickin' and a strummin' on his new instrument making up little songs Oh I want to be a Banjo picking Bear So I can play for Grandpa cause he ain't got no hair. Bingo The Banjo Picking Bear Review by Martha A Cheves Author of Stir Laugh Repeat Bingo is a young bear with music in his soul who believes that fish are like genies and will grant your wishes Bingo s wish is to have a banjo so he can make up songs and sing them to his Grandpa Will the fish grant his wish This is a sweet little book with beautifully done artwork that will have just about any child making up their own tune to Bingo s words I actually found myself doing just that 2007Outskirt Press Inc33 pagesISBN 978 1 4327 0739 2