Chez les Flamands E–book/E–pub

  • Paperback
  • 146
  • Chez les Flamands
  • Georges Simenon
  • English
  • 21 August 2020
  • 9780141394770

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Download Æ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Georges Simenon Georges Simenon ✓ 8 Read & Download Read Chez les Flamands A chilling Inspector Maigret mystery set on the Belgian border “She wasn't an ordinary supplicant She didn't lower her eyes There was nothing humble about her bearing She spoke frankly looking. I found this book a while back in the thrift shop for 25 cents Normally I don t really like murder mysteries but I wanted to give this a try It was an okay book but I missed the clue at the end There for it gets only 3 points I wished the end and the names of the characters was worked on

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Download Æ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Georges Simenon Georges Simenon ✓ 8 Read & Download Read Chez les Flamands To the windswept rainy border town of Givet by a young woman desperate to clear her family of murder But their well kept shop the sleepy community and its raging river all hide their own mysteri. Very similar to a crime in holland with Maigret brought in without an official role in the case of a missing woman feared murdered The chief suspect is the son of a Flemish family and it his sister who apppeals to Maigret for helpThis is the usual uestioning of witnesses distilling evidence and looking for character flaws as much as motiveThe town of Givet is well described and the weather as usual plays its part Maigret walking around in damp clothes doesn t lighten his mood But it is the peoples prejudice and the snoblishness in others that appears to get him down as he presses on with his parallel investigation often with annoying success for the police inspector in charge of the case Maigret is always one step ahead of the poor Machere leading the enuiry which is clearly murder when the women s body is found Maigret often frustrates his colleague by knowing what he is about to disclose and by his success when the other has failed to move things alongI love the characters so tidily drawn and the inner conflicts in human beings that are exposed in the story I like very much the confusion the reader feels along with the hapless Machere while Maigret clearly understands the dynamics of the crime A greater justice is perhaps seen in this book as the criminal may appear to be allowed to escape by Maigret he is perhaps looking for an acknowledgement of guilt and a sense of remorse something perhaps the judicial system couldn t even achieve in this caseNo one appears to have truely benefited from the crime and it is a clever story that demonstrates again the power and presence of Chief Inspector Maigret

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Download Æ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Georges Simenon Georges Simenon ✓ 8 Read & Download Read Chez les Flamands Straight ahead as if to claim what was rightfully hers ‘If you don't agree to look at our case my parents and I will be lost and it will be the most hateful legal error’”Maigret is asked. Determined Anna Peeters through sheer perseverance gets Chief Inspector Jules Maigret to intercede in her family s case Located in Givet a French seaport on the border with Belgium the Peeters family runs a shop the picerie Peeters aka the Flemish House on the French side of the border with Belgium a large shop that caters to Belgian sailors who work on the barges that ply the River Meuse Anna s brother Joseph a law student in Nancy 200 kilometers away is believed to have fathered a child with a lower class local lass named Germaine Piedboeuf understandably for the time the novel first released in English in 1940 as The Flemish Shop this bourgeois family insists that it s never been proved and heap scorn on the girl but even so they slip her a monthly maintenance of 100 francs for herself and JoJo now two and a halfBut on Jan 3 after a row at the Flemish House Germaine disappears All of Givet resentful of the Flemish and well to do Peeters family believes the family guilty Even the local police tell Maigret they re sure of the family s guilt and will make arrests very soon But Maigret travels from Paris to Givet to see for himself The French denizens of Givet harbor such consuming hatred of the Peeters because they re Flemings and well to do The Flemish House serves as a reminder of how easily prejudice can obscure what s really going onAs ever readers can t go wrong with a Maigret novel and The Flemish House is not exception The ending took me completely by surprise Also as ever the best way to enjoy Chief Inspector Maigret is with the Audible version narrated by Gareth Armstrong