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Benton Benton #2 Free download ´ 100 The charismatic young man leading themThough the survivors now have a fragile sense of safety some of Jennifer’s new friends die and she has a beauti. This book continues the story of Jennifer and Mark fighting their way through a zombie apocalypse with some friends They are still searching for safety and they come across Lauren and save her too When they finally reach Mark s family ranch they are devastated There are no zombies but the house is burned to the ground With nowhere else to turn they end up heading to tent city where a bunch of survivors are living Once they get there things start changing Mark is in a weird mood ever since seeing the ranch and having to go to tent city When Mark gets a little too friendly with Lauren than Jennifer would like she tries to make him jealous and that doesn t work out too well When tent city is attacked by zombies they decide to try to leave but then there is a hitch in their plans This is a great story I love how it is fast paced and the story just moves right along Can t wait for the next one

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Benton Benton #2 Free download ´ 100 Jennifer Benton’s family died in the first wave of zombie attacks She found friends in a small group of survivors and she’s fallen in love with Mark. ABR s original Benton 2 audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook ReviewerBenton A zombie Novel Volume Two is a continuation of the Benton series written by Jolie Du Pre and narrated by Angie HickmanIf you re just joining us now the Benton books follow the main character Jennifer Benton daughter of a survivalist who joins a ragtag group of teenagers who are heading south to Texas to find safety Book two picks up with them heading in that direction and dealing with all the drama that comes with the end of the world via zombies and being teenagersI enjoyed book one even with its YA feel and book two follows the same premise and design The main characters Jennifer and her love interest Mark are the sole focus of the story and to take that sentiment even further their relationship becomes the central facet of the whole story To be clear this is a story less about the undead and survival and about falling in love and having sex in the apocalypseSome of the love scenes and sexual interactions felt adult than YA to me though a mature teenager would fare well with Du Pre s writing The action scenes are short and described simply though with dynamic wording than in the first book I thought this was an improvement over the first title and kudos for thatJennifer and Mark s characters receive some solid development part two The evolve into real and believable people and that makes the story feel genuine Tertiary characters felt thin in this entry including the threat to the relationship that is the core of the storyI was disappointed in the length of the title In audio it s less than two hours long and on paper it s 120 odd pages This is at most a novella and really a short story and reads like the second part of a serial blog That s not criticism it s just a reflection of the story s size And as you d imagine with a serial story design and feel the ending of Benton part two is fairly abrupt and is absolutely a cliffhanger If you re invested in the story by this point you won t want to stop here You ll have to move on to the third installmentAngie Hickman continues her narration well bouncing between the different characters with ease and skill making the story easy to follow Her pace and cadence is pleasing and I ll definitely listen to her other titlesOverall I felt that the Benton series solidified its flavor solidly into the teenage romance genre with this installment and if you re into that kind of series this is sure to entertain you I personally prefer a adult feel to my apocalypse with a bit less sex so I ll leave this title for the kids and find something a bit in that veinAudiobook provided for review by the author

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Benton Benton #2 Free download ´ 100 Ful blonde rival Jennifer thinks jealousy will bring Mark backShe’s wrongAnd now everything may be over for everyoneBenton A Zombie Novel Volume Two a. CliffhangerThis book takes up where volume one ended Jennifer and Mark and their friends make it to Texas but all is not well In an effort to save themselves they move to Tent City This is a very good book and we learn about all the characters their strengths and weaknesses It has some twists and turns that will creep up on you Next volume due in September 2014