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Free download The Golden Age 107 Joan London Á 7 Free download Download Û eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Á Joan London Rteen year old Frank Gold refugee from wartime Hungary is learning to walk again after contracting polio in Australia At the Golden Age Children's Polio Convalescent Hospital in Perth he sees Elsa a fellow patient and they form a forbidden passionate bond The Golden Age becomes the little world that reflects the larger one where. What struck me most about this book is that although it is dealing with children struck down by the terrible polio epidemic of the 1950s it is a uiet and joyous story For Frank Gold recently arrived in Australia from post WWII Hungary and on the cusp of adolescence it should be a horrific time in his life But Frank is resilient and resourceful and relishes the sudden independence from his parents and the cares of the world The Golden Age the children s convalescent hospital of the title as described by London was indeed a sanctuary for the children where they could be treated as normal children and be shielded from the stares and derision of the world until they were strong enough to go back to itIt is while in hospital during the acute phase of his polio that Frank discovers the beauty of poetry from an older boy Sullivan imprisoned in an iron lung and from then on he constantly writes down lines that come to him When he is later moved to the the Golden Age he sees a girl around his own age Elsa and falls in love Her light golden brown hair was pulled straight back into a single plait Little gold wisps escaped and caught the low beams of sun around her forehead Her skin was pale She looked like a drawing done with a fine lead pencil He noted the straightness of her nose her delicate grave mouth the clear curve of her jawline the length of her neck from the bottom of her earlobe to the hollow of her throatThere was a shadow between her eye and cheekbone An aristocratElsa is from a different background to Frank A solid middle class Australian existence in a big house near the sea of tennis lessons and endless golden days riding her bike They form a strong bond and although we never get a strong sense of her personality she becomes Frank s muse and soul mateThe prose is simple and beautiful The themes of displacement and nostalgia from childhood from war torn Europe are woven strongly through those of love and relationships Through Frank s year long recuperation his parents finally start to accept their new life in Perth and although it will never be the same as Budapest before the war there is hope for a good future together45

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Free download The Golden Age 107 Joan London Á 7 Free download Download Û eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Á Joan London This is a story of resilience the irrepressible enduring nature of love and the fragility of life From one of Australia's most loved novelists He felt like a pirate landing on an island of little maimed animals A great wave had swept them up and dumped them here All of them like him stranded wanting to go home It is 1954 and thi. If someone were to have told me that The Golden Age was written in 1954 the time of its setting I would have believed them The book has the tone of a classic with the potential of rediscovery upon future readingsThere are no bells and whistles here The writing is spare but powerful carefully calibrated to reveal but not lead the reader I often separate books into warm those that touch the heart and cool those that touch the brain On that continuum I d place this book at cool ish not at all manipulative despite its themeAnd what IS the theme In a word it s displacement The Golden Age refers to an actual polio children s convalescent home in Australia that existed between 1949 1959 Frank Gold no coincidence I think that his name is similar to the home is sent there just as he stands on the brink of maturity he is 13 years old There he meets Elsa also on the cusp of adulthood and according to the book jacket they fall in loveStill the love story is not truly the focal point of the book Frank considers this Every country had its rules He had to learn them How long would he be allowed to stay here Was this the country where he could finally feel at home Frank and his family have already been displaced they are Hungarian Jews who were forced to leave their homeland during the war and in Australia view themselves as strangers in a strange land Polio is a metaphor for this displacement and forces Frank once again to learn to adjust in a home with its own history and rulesFrank s illness and recovery are aligned in ways with that of his parents Meyer and Ida Ida was an esteemed pianist in Hungary and has not performed for a while one might say she is dealing with her own form of paralysis Meyer who is optimistic must come to the realization that his new city is its own place It is not like anywhere else The entire family moves towards acceptance of a new realityThere are many secondary characters here as well and none of them receive short shrift This is a gentle book and it reuires careful reading to fully glean all its nuances Consider it a parlor study of the progression from paralysis to movement

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Free download The Golden Age 107 Joan London Á 7 Free download Download Û eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Á Joan London Everything occurs love and desire music death and poetry Where children must learn that they are alone even within their families Written in Joan London's customary clear eyed prose The Golden Age evokes a time past and a yearning for deep connection It is a rare and precious gem of a book from one of Australia's finest novelis. 35 The Golden Age was a real children s polio hospital in Western Australia but London has peopled it with her own fictional cast In 1953 4 Frank Gold and Elsa Briggs polio patients aged 12 going on 13 fall in love in the most improbable of circumstances The backs of their hands brushed as they walked side by side on their crutches Their bloodstreams recharged by exercise and fresh air they experienced a fiery burst of pleasure Frank is much the vibrant character thanks to his family s wartime past in Hungary and his budding vocation as a poet which was spurred on by his friendship with Sullivan a fellow inmate at his previous rehabilitation center The narrative spends time with nurses parents and other patients but keeps coming back to Frank and Elsa But Chapter 7 with Frank and his mother Ida still back in Budapest was my favoriteI was reminded of Tracy Farr s work especially the look back from decades later A strong premise and some great lines but for me there was something slightly lacking in the execution From the Wellcome Book Prize 2017 longlistFavorite lines During the long days in hospital the sky passing across the high window in the Isolation Ward had become Elsa s backyard her freedom her picture show Watched the sky slowed itself to a silent endless semaphore of shapes and colours as if it were signalling a message There was beauty everywhere strange beauty even especially in a children s polio hospital a set of poems About the long journey he had made to find her About the two devils war and polio that had brought it about and the two angels love and poetry that had saved him Polio is like love Frank says Years later when you think you have recovered it comes back