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characters ↠ Britain and the Persian Gulf, 1894-1914 D Railway; and a less specific but eually important Russian desire to establish a position of her own in the GulfEach challenge produced a British reaction and these reactions taken overall resulted in a forward policy in the Gulf but a forward policy viewed by its supporters as a defense of an established sphere of influence In each of the Gulf areas concerned Great Britain maintained her apparently unassailable position This work explores both the challenges as seen through British eyes and the policy evolved to withstand them It is a study of British policy formation in a non European area an area that in the period after 1890 became intimately linked with European diplomacyParticular attention is given to the often divergent interests of the departments within the British Indian gove.

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characters ↠ Britain and the Persian Gulf, 1894-1914 For much of the nineteenth century the Persian Gulf was a British preserve In the last decade of that century and first years of the twentieth however the British position in the Gulf was severely tested just at a time when British statesmen were finding splendid isolation untenable Four separate but interacting attempts to wrest predominance from British hands form the focus of this work an effort by the French government to gain a strategic foothold in Muscat through the establishment of a coal depot the grant of French flags and documents to local sailing vessels and the protection accorded by that power to the arms traffic in the Gulf; Turkish attempts to recreate an effective sphere of influence in the Bahrain atar area; German efforts to utilize Kuwait as the terminus of the Baghda.

Read Á eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å Briton Cooper Busch

characters ↠ Britain and the Persian Gulf, 1894-1914 Rnmental structure sharing in Gulf policy Throughout the narrative of this book runs a theme of the clash of the two policy making centers the British government in England an the Indian government with the controversy centering on the role of each in financial and administrative responsibility for the Gulf What to India was a key area to its own defense was to England just one area among many that demanded attention Yet even in England Gulf issues had a notable tendency to bring to the fore high level controversies among Foreign Office India Office Admiralty and Treasury The work is thus a study in three fields in the international rivalries of the pre World War I era in the history of British imperial policy formation and finally in the diplomatic and political history of the Middle Ea.

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