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Massimo Barbato ¸ 0 CHARACTERS CHARACTERS º Thinking Beyond Limitation Sts or science writers I found this book to be not only fascinating but a valuable compendium of what is solidly available now and the portals scientists may step through at any moment Writers like Victor Hugo used to spend hours a day reading science magazines in order to keep up Whether we are writers or not Thinking Beyond Limitation is the sort of well written easily digestible book full of amazing but true information that can bring a reader up to date Most people do not know about all the things that are happening or have already happened in the science world because either they do not want to know or feel the task of reading science magazines.

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Massimo Barbato ¸ 0 CHARACTERS CHARACTERS º Thinking Beyond Limitation Or watching science shows enormously tedious Step in Massimo Barbato with this perfect gift for all occasions I loved it as soon as I began reading and assigned myself the task of remembering as much as possible It feels great to have a basic idea of what is going on and not sound ignorant in conversation with others The cover design is highly appealing sharp and neat I hope Barbato writes a seuel “Judge Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self Published Book Awards” Books are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 meaning “needs improvement” and 5 meaning “outstanding” Structure and Organization 5 Grammar 5 Production uality and Cover Design.

Massimo Barbato ¸ 0 CHARACTERS

Massimo Barbato ¸ 0 CHARACTERS CHARACTERS º Thinking Beyond Limitation In the next decade science fiction will become reality New technologies and Artificial Intelligence AI will surpass our expectations Our understanding of life and the universe will change forever “THINKING BEYOND LIMITATION” is the debut book by AI commentator Massimo Barbato It gives a fascinating overview of the many aspects of AI and future technology that will revolutionise our society and shows us how Here's what The Writer's Digest in the US had to say about it October 2013 Judges Commentary Science writers exist for a purpose they share what they have researched and understand about breakthroughs in science with people who are not scienti.

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