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Rock City

Rock City Free download á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF 1984 In the era of big hair and MTV Julie Espinoza and LeeAnn Travis are the sexiest ladies in Daytona Florida and the rivals detest each otherSo when they are unexpectedly thrown together as Official Backstage Bottled Water Attendants at the first ever Rock City music festival in Daytona Beach their cat sniping threatens to drown out the musicBut the girls are stunned when a tipsy rocker asks them to make out with each other They gape what They look at each other should they They shrug whateverWhen reuests keep coming Julie and LeeAnn start drawing crowds It's intoxication galore But as their make outs progressfeelings emergeFans of Eighties rock shouldn't miss this lighthearted fl.

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Rock City Free download á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ashback to the days of leg warmers and Aua NetFirst time FF erotic romance Adults only Over 11000 wordsExcerptOkay Julie said She ran her fingers over LeeAnn's ear pushing soft blond hair behind it The trick is we don't kissWe don'tNot right away Julie touched LeeAnn's hand We build up to itLeeAnn's nose wrinkled as she suinted trying to processIt's like kind of foreplay Julie saidA slow look of understanding passed over LeeAnn's featuresJulie smiled So whoever's watching will be like arrrg just kiss already And we will hold back LeeAnn smiled and nodded excited I know all about that Not from what I've heard Julie thought to herself Okay Julie said Just relax You don't have to do an.

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Rock City Free download á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF YthingSmiling Julie moved her face forward until her lips brushed LeeAnn's earOoh LeeAnn said She giggled and shivered TinglesJulie smiled bigger; LeeAnn couldn't see With the lightest of touches Julie ran her lower lip up and down the curve of LeeAnn's earAah God LeeAnn said She shivered again This might be too much I'm kind of like sensitive Excellent Just relax Julie ordered I'll try not to tickle you It was true Julie knew that if LeeAnn got too suirmy she'd call the whole deal offJulie moistened her lips with her tongue She left a slow trail of cool tiny kisses down LeeAnn's neck from her ear curving down to below her Adam's appleWhoa LeeAnn murmured Her tone was low and throat.