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review ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ô Damon Knight

Four in One

Summary Four in One 108 As Frederik Pohl noted in an essay decades after this story was published much of GALAXY’s contents contained stories which were not really about their nominal subject As editor of GALAXY magazine Horace Gold’s editorial interest was always tilted toward satire and social commentary which in the main interested him far than technological extrapolation These interests put his magazine at the outset in a different place than Jo.

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Summary Four in One 108 Ecked colonists seeking physical preservation amalgamate with an alien being which can absorb their brains intact and respond to signals It is an horrific speculation and Knight works it through with a fair amount of rigor Damon Knight was an established contributor when this novelette was published and Robert Silverberg’s long introductory essay accompanying the work testifies to its influence upon him and his great admiration.

review ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ô Damon Knight

Summary Four in One 108 Hn W Campbell’s at least ostensibly rigorous ASTOUNDING In regard to the commentary Pohl wrote There were only a few places in the 1950’s in which the real condition of the Republic could be examined One of them was the science fiction magazines and GALAXY was the most oriented in that direction FOUR IN ONE February 1953 reads as if it were a study of alien menace and its interface with the human organism as Knight’s shipwr.

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