[E–pub] Helpmate Chess #4 author Sean Michael

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  • Helpmate Chess #4
  • Sean Michael
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  • 22 November 2020
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Read & Download Helpmate Chess #4 Helpmate Chess #4 review ☆ 106 Download â PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB À Sean Michael Em to be going well but depression slowly winds its way around Knight and he spends all his time in bed sleeping slipping farther and farther away from his lovers and lifeRook just wants everything to go back to normal now that their lover is home and Bishop is out of his d. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked ReadsThe fourth book in the Chess series gives us a good amount of story with a nice amount of naked time but not too much Knight has returned home from hospital but he is not really interested in getting back to living Bish Rook and Jase work to help Knight recover from his accident While Rook and Bish have accepted Jase into their lives I still feel like I feel that Knight and Jase are yet to fully connect I hope we will get to see that in the future After a slow start this series has really got me and I m really loving spending time with these guys

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Helpmate Chess #4

Read & Download Helpmate Chess #4 Helpmate Chess #4 review ☆ 106 Download â PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB À Sean Michael Book Four in the Chess seriesKnight is home from the hospital so everything should be back to normal right Things are never that easy though and the men of Chess must fight to get their lives backKnight has returned home from the hospital but is far from recovered Things se. After the shock of Knight almost dying in the third book and him now finally back at home the real work of healing beyond the physical can begin As always the title is a hint at the chess analogy although I have to admit I had to look this one up Helpmate is defined as a type of chess problem in which both sides cooperate in order to achieve the goal of checkmating Black don t ask me why it has to be Black not White but I have to admit it is a fit with Knight s slightly dark character In chess although the two sides cooperate all moves must be legal and according to the rules an issue the men of the Chess Series do not have to deal with A bit of cheating and loving unfair play in fact is very much needed to get Knight out of his depressionWhen Knight comes home from the hospital after weeks of moaning and groaning and refusing to do his physiotherapy he thinks he can just let himself go and vanish into oblivion He hates his broken body misses his art and is generally being difficult All of that is pretty much in character except it gets to be pretty extreme and life threatening when his depression is so deep he doesn t even get out of bed anyJason recognizes the signs he knows enough about physical therapy after all but he doesn t really know what to do He pushes a little and finally puts his foot down and it was great to see him grow like that He has truly become an important part of this foursome even though his deepest love is still for Rook Rook in this case isn t much help other than to love and morally support Jason He is too much of an optimist hates confrontation of any kind and is overwhelmed by the messiness of having to push Knight into recovery Rook just wants it all to go back to normal But with a little guidance from Jason he learns how to pull his weightBishop loves Knight deeply and in the end plays a crucial role in pulling him back into the land of the living but his love is also his biggest weakness It s very tempting to baby Knight out of gratitude that he is still alive but that isn t what the curmudgeony artist needs most Bishop has to remember what makes them work as a couple and find the courage to do what he is best at top Knight into submission When he gives Knight his first spanking after his return home I cheered them both on That return to normal for them is exactly what is needed and they progress from thereThis fourth volume is another great installment of the series Different from the first three because the team has settled into their roles and this is the first real test for them to see if they can make their uniue family work If you like sexy men who don t necessarily agree about what needs doing but learn to trust each others strengths if you love to see them interacting physically wherever and whenever the need strikes them and if you re interested in seeing the chess analogy continue and be tested you will probably like this novel as much as I did

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Read & Download Helpmate Chess #4 Helpmate Chess #4 review ☆ 106 Download â PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB À Sean Michael Epth when it comes to Knight's depression Can Jason figure out what's wrong and take the steps needed to help Knight find himself againThe struggle has just begun in Knight's recovery are the men of Chess up to the task Find out in this fourth installment of the Chess serie. Imagine Treat s Hammer book mashed up with New another Hammer book featuring Gil and Xan include some rehashed Jarhead s story lines and you ve got this whole series If you ve read the other books I mentioned just save your moneyI wish I did