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  • Mrs Jeffries Plays the Cook
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  • 13 October 2019
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Mrs Jeffries Plays the Cook Free read à 104 Ays Minerva is far from the only suspect And when the inspector's cook is called away suddenly Mrs Jeffries finds herself doing double duty cooking for the household and trying to cook this killer's goo. Rather formulaic

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Mrs Jeffries Plays the Cook Free read à 104 Jeffries and the staff have hatched a scheme to save herbut when they try to recover the damning evidence from Barrett they discover something shocking Barrett's corpse Considering the victim's wicked w. It s a sad day for Inspector Witherspoon s household when the cook Mrs Goudge sp has to go care for an elderly aunt for a few days because everyone else on staff except coachman Smythe is a terrible cook They can t even hire a temporary cook because Smythe while doing a little housebreaking to save a lady from blackmail encountered the murdered householder and Inspector Witherspoon is on the case Or so he thinks He has no idea his household staff really solves his crimes and they can t have a stranger in the house while they re having war councils and running around after suspects This particular murder is a confusing one the murdered man s house was wide open as he was having work done and the doors were unlocked He also made enemies right and left literally his neighbors hated him as well as many other people Mrs Jeffries and her staff have their hands full and their stomachs emptyThis is such a charming series and this is another good entry I laughed aloud at the hapless cooks of all stripes and their dreadful meals and while I figured out one part of the murder pretty uickly I didn t figure out the actual murderer Possibly because there were too many suspects to keep track of honestly But as with a number of uirky cozies the murder is almost a mcguffin if an event can be a mcguffin it s necessary to build the plot around but the real story is the characters and their world I d like to move into Upper Edmonton Gardens with them though I d do my own cooking

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Mrs Jeffries Plays the Cook Free read à 104 Minerva Kenny is a dear woman but her tendency to borrow things without asking has finally caught up with her William Barrett has learned Minerva's shameful secret and he's holding it over her head Mrs. Inspector Witherspoon is Scotland Yard s top detective when it comes to solving messy or strange murders No one really understands how the uiet unassuming man of inherited wealth went from records file clerk to the leading murder detective with no unsolved crimes in his career They don t realize that unbeknownst to him that he has an entire crew working behind the scenes to help him find the answers Meet Mrs Jeffries the inspector s housekeeper and the brains behind his astounding success along with Mrs Goodge the cook Wiggins the footman Betsy the maid Smythe the coachman and Luty Belle Crookshank a wealthy American and her Butler Hatchet who have become close friends with the Inspector s household staff Murderers in Victorian England don t stand a chance of getting away with their crimes with this crew hunting them downMrs Jeffries and the staff are helping their neighbor Lady Ruth Cannonberry widow of a Peer of the Realm Ruth was a vicar s daughter before marriage and has no pretensions about class distinctions Ruth has sussed out the staff s secret and needs them to help her friend Minerva Kenny Minerva is a kleptomaniac who borrows small pretty objects from her friends and then returns them in a day or two As she was returning a china bluebird to her friends parlour the odious Mr William Barrett took it from her just to torment and humiliate her With the threat of exposure to the entire social world Minerva has broken down and confessed everything Ruth doesn t know what Mrs Jeffries and the staff can do but she is desperate to save her naive friend from public disgraceSmythe offers to go to the Barrett home and steal the bluebird from the man s study With Barrett remodeling his third floor Smythe thinks he can do it without being caught because the painters and other workmen have been in and out of the front and back doors all day He enters the study and not only finds the china bluebird in the desk drawer but also discovers the very dead body of William Barret Sitting in his overstuffed armchair near the fireplace Barret has been skewered thru the heart with a sword Symthe gets away clean but now Mrs Jeffries has to find a way to get the Inspector to the house and body without giving away their secretAnother riveting tale that will take you on another thrilling adventure to a time and place when life was much different