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  • Alien Embrace Clans of Kaluor #1
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  • 08 July 2019
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review Ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Tracy St. John Alien Embrace Clans of Kaluor #1 Download Ð 4 She finds herself surrendering to desires she never imagined possibleMild BDSM including captiveforced seduction anal playintercourse bondage Domsub play homoerotic situations mm and multiple sexual partners mfmm. I never thought I could read a book that actually had too much sex It got to the point I wanted to throw my Kindle down and say Leave me alone I have a headache It exhausted me just reading it I love sci fi and the base of the story was very interesting but it just couldn t support the immaturity of the heroine and the constant sex at the worst possible moments

review Alien Embrace Clans of Kaluor #1

Alien Embrace Clans of Kaluor #1

review Ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Tracy St. John Alien Embrace Clans of Kaluor #1 Download Ð 4 Their people poised on the verge of extinction the Kaluorians are determined to have Amelia for their mate Amelia is eually determined to escape But when her body thrills to the ruthless domination of her captors. I THINK THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME Crazy eyesRight to start of with I don t think I ve ever read a book with so much sex in it and I mean it was a lota real biiiigggggg lot You might be thinking to yourself Why is she saying there is something wrong with her my answer to that uestion follows this only responseIt turned me onI know that s not a bad thing but this book was full of weird Alien double dicked fierce rough screaming brilliant hot sexy dirty sexSo what is wrong with me huh I mean yeah everybody reads a book that gets the juices flowing so to speak but this was a weird book because this chick Amelia is from earth and their rules are stupid and really fucking horrifying because if you get raped or some man sexually attack s you then you are to blame It means you must of done something for the man to do it and you both get punished and not in the good way But back to it there are a clan of Alien s and their race is dying out and they need earth women to bare their children because the alien females can only bare males so that s where Amelia comes into it and my holy shit god was their meeting fucking epic I WILL NEVER IN MY LIFE FORGET THEIR FIRST SEXUAL ENCOUNTER I had to stop look at myselfdown thereand think fuck me Amelia is good it was beyond my expectations and with these kinda reads nothing shocks me just think 3 men with two cocks a piece that makes 6 big cocks everywhere all over your little body well for me chubby lol but any ways 6 cocks everywhere in every hole no where to go but to just except them all dammmmnnnn this shit was fucking hot HOT HOOOTTTTI think I need to do something but I dunno what it is but I can t seem to get over this bookThese men kidnapped her and made her want and love them with their sexy skills in the bedroom with countless orgasms and the perfect balance of pain to spice it up and I have to admit that even though she told them no in the beginning and if a chick says no in my eyes that means STOP MOTHERFUCKER They treated her with so much love and passion that I felt like I wanted to be in their shoes to protect her and breed her and make her mine to love and protect and never let her go though what happened to her on earth and thank fuck it really ain t like that here because I would of been locked up for much worse lol If you like sexy arse big bulky muscle alien men with two cocks then this is right up your alley and I mean right up your do I dare say back alley lol sorry that was a dry joke but this book has rape in it and hot sex with the added bonus of a great story line so you have been warned

review Ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Tracy St. John

review Ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Tracy St. John Alien Embrace Clans of Kaluor #1 Download Ð 4 Amelia Ryan fled Earth’s fanatically religious government to live uietly among the aliens of Plasius Her life of peace shatters when a three man clan from the planet Kaluor kidnaps her and holds her prisonerWith. Alien Double Dong Stockholm syndrome I made it to 62% before wanting to chunk my iPad across the room I am no prude I enjoy my erotica but this just flat out offended me Major Spoilers ahead Amelia is an Earther artist being celebrated as a wonderful painter on planet Iforget Three Kaluorians see her at a party it s instant lust Oh the Kaluorians are dying out as a species because their women aren t very fertile and the birth rate for females is lowSee where this is going Or COULD have goneThese three guys they function as a clan unit looking for a single mate to share between all three of them Oh and they have two dicksAmelia is from Earth and therefore an indoctrinated Prude She was also repeatedly raped when young by a neighbor then later by a bosspoliceman so she has some issues thereFirst they get Amelia drunk at her art show gang bang her to see if she can take their double dong style euipmentLater on they offer to help alleviate the pain in her hands some kind of arthritis from an accident by telling her she needs to come to their place for the pain treatment She gets the pain treatment but it s basically a ruse to drug her out cold harvest her eggs to see if her human eggs can be fertilized by Kaluorian sperm Yes of course they can but while she is knocked unconscious having her eggs stolen without consent she gets fondled The Kaluorians pass along the amazing news to their Ambassador on planet Iforget that human females can bear young to their species Soon human females all over the galaxy are being kidnapped or are mysteriously disappearingAmelia has been delivered back to her home and is so happy to not have pain in her hands so she can paint again easily She learns of all the human female kidnappings begins to suspect she was used in this discovery She tries to run they catch her kidnap her begin a fuck a thon They all keep TELLING her how she belongs with them her life will be better she will be treated as a treasure etc But she is never at any point asked what she wants wooed or given any choiceThey keep drugging her with their venom so she will have no inhibitions be into their non stop double dick train Amelia has a moment of clarity realizing she has no free will any likens herself to a bird in gilded cage She tries to hunger strike She feels guilty nearly 2000 earth women were kidnapped possibly because of herHer hunger strike causes these jerks to begin SM style stuff sleep deprivation from vibrator on a harness chained to the wall non stop humping punishment table O Sex etc When that doesn t work they start spanking her Pain without sex is the ideaShe finally gives in they of course hand feed her like a pet all fuck her some When she began mentally talking about being in love with them was when I tapped out in disgust Thanks but no thanks