Cindy Ella [E–pub/Pdf]

  • Paperback
  • 264
  • Cindy Ella
  • Robin Palmer
  • English
  • 09 February 2019
  • 9780142403921

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REVIEW Cindy Ella Robin Palmer Ú 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Ô STATUSWHATSAPP.CO Ú Robin Palmer Y's crush Adam Silver Suddenly Cindy starts to think that maybe her social life could have a happily ever after But there's still the rest of the school to deal with With a little bit of help from an unexpected source and a fabulous pair of heels Cindy realizes that she still has a chance at a happily ever afte. I picked this up thinking it was another Cinderella book Change of a DressI spent the first half noticing similarities of the high school here with the one in Geek Charming I don t have a copy of the book and I didn t know if it was the same school or not so I kept noting names that I ll look up once I get hold of a copy ETA Yes it s the same high school SweetI think that Cinderella is one of the most adapted fairy tales so maybe at this point everything has been done But like I ve said in my review of Geek Charming there are clich s but sometimes you don t feel them And because Cindy is anti prom and here prom ball I thought that some Cinderella elements won t appear Like the shoe Which eventually does come up but rather unexpectedlySpeaking of Cindy s anti prom sentiment it made me look back on my own prom and wonder if I went because of the prom mentality she mentioned in her letterAs for the ending it could ve been worded better

REVIEW Cindy EllaCindy Ella

REVIEW Cindy Ella Robin Palmer Ú 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Ô STATUSWHATSAPP.CO Ú Robin Palmer Cindy into ueen of the Freaks than close the gap between the popular kids and the rest of the students Everyone thinks she's committed social suicide except for her two best friends the yoga goddess India and John Hughes worshipping Malcolm and shockingly the most popular senior at Castle Heights High and Cind. The book was not that bad to be honest


REVIEW Cindy Ella Robin Palmer Ú 1 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Ô STATUSWHATSAPP.CO Ú Robin Palmer The ideal LA fairy tale for fans of Once Upon a Time and LA Candy from the author of Geek CharmingProm fever has infected LA especially Cindy's two annoying stepsisters and her overly Botoxed stepmother Cindy seems to be the only one immune to it all But her anti prom letter in the school newspaper does to turn. OMG This is the coolest retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale that I ve ever read I am now officially a fan of Robin Palmer and I m going to buy and read her other books Yeah yeah I need to calm down Ok deep sigh I admit I decided to read this because I was hoping it ll make me happy after readng a horrible one And now I m happy to say that this book really made my day and has erased all my memories of the horrible book I was talking about earlier I m not going to mention the title of that horrible book because I m too kind to ruin any reputation and let s just code it as the horrible one LOLAnyway I really fell in love with this book even though I find it so cheesy at first I had to think like a fifteen year old girl anticipating for prom or rather someone who doesn t like proms and fairy tales but somehow she acually does And I like the fact that this book was written and published 5 years ago and some of the character names were from the nineties even the romantic movies and TV series mentioned I love Cindy Ella her wit guts intelligence and clumsiness She s so funny I laughed in each of her super embarrassing moments I love her uniue and supportive friends Malcom and India I even like her stepmother and step sisters they are not bad at all Of course I love Adam her prince charming LOL He s sweet and different you ll know what I mean once you read it Yes you re right I m giving this book 5 stars because I enjoyed it so much that I finished it in two and a half hours I m also putting it in my favorite shelf I recommend it to everyone who wants to have a good laugh and relieve their past teenage craziness i mean adventures LOL