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Lust Bites review ´ 104 Ning for the woman he accidentally killed as a novice vampire in Constantinople Now she's back reborn as Esther the explorer Exiled in the Arctic Billy is already battling his lust to devour her all over againThe only way that Merle Cobalt can sa. Three short stories of vampire erotica The first and third tales were darker but the middle version was rather fluffy in a chick lit way Some of the sex scenes were rather hot but overall the stories were not that fulfilling

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Lust Bites review ´ 104 Ve her father's life is to spend twenty five days living with renegade vampire Darius Cole But vampires are known for their mind controlling powers and Merle knows that after spending so long with Cole her free will might become a thing of the pa.

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Lust Bites review ´ 104 Three erotic novellas with a vampire theme Zachary Trevelyan is a vampire but a mishap involving kisses and necks leads him to fall in love with his best friend Teresa And not only that he really wants to bite herFor centuries Billy has been year. Lust Bites is anthology of three vampire stories by erotic authors Kristina Lloyd Portia Da Costa and Mathilde MaddenVampire s Heart by Kristina LloydFor many centuries one woman has haunted Billy Dresner III s dreams Her name is Selin She was a vampire Billy loved her and would never harm Selin intentionally Selin is dead killed by Billy s own hands Billy now has a second chance at redemption Selin has been reborn in the form of a human named Esther Esther and her team of explorers are out in the Arctic This happens to be the same place Billy makes his home A lot of things can go bump in the night in a place where the sun rarely shinesBilly is the most dangerous type of vampire A vampire who is obsessed with a woman and knows no boundaries Esther seemed feeble to me I was surprised by this fact as I felt someone who was suppose to be Billy s greatest love reborn would have been stronger The dreams Esther had about her and Billy were enough to make the ice melt even in the Arctic I will read another one of Kristina Lloyd s books Buddies Don t Bite by Portia Da CostaZachary Trevelyan and Teresa Johnson are housemates They feel an instant connection to each other Teresa and Zachary won t act on their feelings The reason for this is that Zachary is a vampire and he s hiding this fact from Teresa Teresa asks Zachary to be her date for a friend s wedding He agrees to go with her What happens next will test both of their resistance to each other and their hearts The chemistry Teresa and Zachary shared between each other was a good one As always Ms Da Costa knows just how to crank up the heat Buddies Don t Bite was a cute short story It is good to see that even with the short stories Portia Da Costa never loses her stream I just wished it could have lasted longer Other that this fact Portia Da Costa is still one of my favorite erotic authors Under Her Skin by Mathilde MaddenMerle Cobalt s father is dying He has been poisoned The only person who can save him is Darius Cole A rebel vampire who is known to use his mind control powers to get people to do what he wants Darius has an antidote but he will give it to Merle on one condition Merle has to come live with Darius for twenty five days That s it After twenty five days have passed then Merle is free to go with the antidote Though Darius is the vampire in this story I fear for him and rightfully so There is nothing scarier then a women s scorn Darius may think he has the upper hand being a vampire but Merle can be just as resourceful when it comes to getting what she wants The sexual tension involving Darius and Merle is pretty steamy Nothing makes two people want each other then sharing a love hate relationship Under Her Skin is the first story I have read by Mathilde Madden I thought it was alright I felt the ending was weak but that won t stop me from trying another one of Mathilde Madden s books