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  • Hardcover
  • 40
  • Bluebird
  • Bob Staake
  • English
  • 14 November 2020
  • 9780375870378

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ú Bluebird Ll be captivated as they follow the journey of a bluebird as he develops a friendship with a young boy and ultimately risks his life to save the boy from harm Both simple and evocative. Bluebird is a beautiful story of friendship hope and the immeasurable spirit of love The artwork is absolutely gorgeous each page dripping with vivid imagery and emotion without one printed word The images are at the same time simplistic and evocative creating a uniuely powerful and visceral experience as you turn each page I love that the boy and the bird travel through NYC together living in a big city myself it s a nostalgic gesture to the wonder that surrounds us all Without spoiling the end I will say that Staake handles the issue of bullying in a sweet and poignant waya reminder that life is hard and bad things do happen so we need to really care about one another with kindness and loveThe story resonates immediately reading it to my kids opened up a wealth of conversation about what it means to take care of each other human and otherwise stand up for something bigger than ourselves and love with all that we have One other thing he dedicates it to John James Audubon which made me think of Gary Schmidt s Okay for Now also about the struggles of youth loss hope and our connection to the natural world via the beauty of birds uite a meaningful experience All in all a truly magnificent book

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ú Bluebird This timeless and profound story will resonate with readers young and old Bob Staake has been working on this book for 10 years and he believes it is the story he was born to write . Definitely one of the strongest saddest and most inspirational picture books I ve read lately In this wordless allegory of friendship between and bird and a boy Staake uses digital renderings of geometric shapes and shades of grey and blue along with comic style framing to portray the urban setting When a bluebird perks up a boy s miserable day they frolic together on the street and in the park A tragic event that may shock some readers leads to an inspirational unforgettable ending Have a tissue at hand

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READ & DOWNLOAD Ú Bluebird In his most beautiful and moving work to date Bob Staake explores the universal themes of loneliness bullying and the importance of friendship In this emotional picture book readers wi. This book is depressing as hell I am not understanding why it is so praised and laudedThe pictures are pretty and it is wordless two things I really love in a bookBut the story OMG A boy is a loner andor ostracized A little bluebird starts following him and becoming his friend I guess But when bullies attack the little boy in the park in order to steal is brand new toy sailboat the bird view spoilergets a stick thrown at him and dies Then a bunch of brightly colored birds swoop down and carry the boy who is cradling the dead bird up up up far into the sky where he releases the bird and it flies away and disappears I m pretty sure this is implying that the dead bird s spirit is going to heaven but I GUESS you could posit that the bird is magically healed for some reason hide spoiler