PDF The Toothpick Technology and Culture

  • Hardcover
  • 464
  • The Toothpick Technology and Culture
  • Henry Petroski
  • English
  • 19 March 2019
  • 9780307266361

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Summary á The Toothpick Technology and Culture Henry Petroski ☆ 0 Read review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Henry Petroski Etive toothpick manufacturing industry in which one small town’s factories can turn out 200 million wooden toothpicks a day using methods that except for computer controls haven’t changed much in almost 150 years He also explores a treasure trove of the toothpick’s unintended uses and perils from sandwiches to martinis and beyondWith an engineer’s eye for detail and a poet’s flair for language Petroski has earned his reputation as a writer who explains our world from the tallest buildings to the lowliest toothpick to us. Book 18 completed for Book Riot Challenge A MicrohistoryI ve always been curious to the origins of the toothpicks given that I take handfuls from every dining establishment that offers them and keep them with me So it was very interesting learning of the history and manufacturing and such but the book itself read like a liberal arts college student s term paper on a subject that doesn t relate at all to their major There was a lot of research involved sure but the writing style seemed to be forced together to connect thoughts and uotes and relevancy

Summary The Toothpick Technology and Culture

The Toothpick Technology and Culture

Summary á The Toothpick Technology and Culture Henry Petroski ☆ 0 Read review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Henry Petroski Like The Pencil Henry Petroski’s The Toothpick is a celebration of a humble yet elegant device As old as mankind and as universal as eating this useful and ubiuitous tool finally gets its due in this wide ranging and compulsively readable book Here is the unexpected story of the simplest of implements whether made of grass gold uill or wood a story of engineering and design of culture and class and a lesson in how to discover the extraordinary in the ordinaryPetroski takes us back to ancient Rome where the emperor Nero makes hi. This book wasn t bad Considering it s subject matter I actually breezed through it learning a lot about toothpicks patents and business practices in the past I really want to try a Brazilian rosewood hand carved toothpick now

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Summary á The Toothpick Technology and Culture Henry Petroski ☆ 0 Read review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Henry Petroski S entrance into a banuet hall with a silver toothpick in his mouth; and to a recent time in Spain where a young señorita uses the delicately pointed instrument to protect her virtue from someone trying to steal a kiss He introduces us to Charles Forster a nineteenth century Bostonian and father of the American toothpick industry who hires Harvard students to demand toothpicks in area restaurants thereby making their availability in eating establishments as expected as condiments And Petroski takes us inside the surprisingly secr. I m not sure what I expected from this book but I didn t find it I think I was looking for broader lessons about technology and culture that broadly applied to society but those weren t present at all Instead this book is simply a very very comprehensive history of the toothpick But sometimes that history feels needlessly long For instance one of the Forster heirs moves to San Diego That part is fine but then he spends time telling us the brief history of someone with the same last name who already lived in San Diego but wasn t important in any other way Overall this is the type of book that I m glad has been written but not one I m glad to have read It s an impressive big of research digging up a 1910 s forestry graduate thesis as a source material for instance but I just don t need to know this much about toothpicks