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  • The Freedom Trap
  • Desmond Bagley
  • English
  • 19 December 2018
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characters The Freedom Trap 107 D The trail leads him to Malta where he comes face to face with these ruthless killers and must outwit them to save his own lif. A sort of seuel to Running Blind in that it re introduces that novel s antagonist albeit now reduced to a pawn in a bigger game The Freedom Trap doesn t boast its predecessor s immediacy In fact Bagley takes uite a while setting out his stall Almost half of the novel is an elaborate bluff but once the pieces are put in place the stakes established and the big action set pieces kick in it s vintage Bagley right up to the explosive finale It also features one of his few female characters who emerges as a hardcore bad ass in her own right

characters The Freedom TrapThe Freedom Trap

characters The Freedom Trap 107 An agent of the British Government is sent on a new and deadly assignment to snare The Scarperers a notorious gang of criminals. One of Desmond Bagley s later works The Freedom Trap is a pretty straightforward adventure story Stannard is a shadowy secret agent recruited by Mackintosh who is the head of something or other in British Intelligence exactly what he does and what his role is and how he fits with the official part of MI6 is never made clearThe plot centres on exposing an apparently highly secretive and omnipotent organisation that s responsible for a series of daring jail breaks across the UK Stannard s job is to penetrate and expose the organisation and put a stop to their subversive antics It s an odd tail which probably seemed fresh and original when it was first published but has dated uite badly and its central implau

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characters The Freedom Trap 107 Who organise gaol breaking for long term prisoners and Slade a notorious Russian double agent whom they have recently liberate. This was entertaining enough It had a bit of a twist in it For a good long while I thought I was reading a crime novel about a diamond heist in which the thief goes to prison Then it turned into an international spy thriller