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Summary LA 56 AUTHOR Joel Engel Joel Engel ¹ 8 characters Summary LA 56 AUTHOR Joel Engel ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Bestow the gift of his company His brilliant idea Buy a tin badge in the five and ten to go along with his big flashlight and Luger and pretend to be an undercover vice cop The young white girls doing it with their boyfriends in the lovers’ lanes dotting the LA hills would never say no to a cop Into the car they go for a ride downtown on a “morals charge” before he kicks out the young man in the middle of nowhere and takes the girl for a ride she’ll spend a lifetime trying to forgetThere’s a bad guy on the loose in the City of AngelsEnter Detective Danny Galindo he’d worked the Black Dahlia case back in ’47 as a rookie The suave Latino one of the few in the department is able to. A heartbreaking story about how endemic racism in and out of a police department can ruin even a good cop s life Definitely recommended for true life crime stories

Summary LA 56 AUTHOR Joel EngelLA 56 AUTHOR Joel Engel

Summary LA 56 AUTHOR Joel Engel Joel Engel ¹ 8 characters Summary LA 56 AUTHOR Joel Engel ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Move easily among the white detectives  Maybe it’s all those stories he’s sold to Jack Webb for Dragnet When Todd Roark a black ex cop is arrested Galindo knows he’s innocent But there’s no sympathy for Roark among the white cops on the LAPD; Galindo will have to go it aloneThere’s only one problem The victims aren’t coming forward The white press ignores the story too making Galindo’s job that much difficult And now he’s fallen in love with one of the rapist’s first victims If he’s ever found out he can kiss his badge good byeWith his back up against a wall Galindo realizes that it will take some good old fashioned Hollywood magic to take down a devil in the City of Ange. A good read LA 56 by Joel Engle is subtitled A Devil in the City of Angels In Chapter 1 readers are introduced to Willie Roscoe Fields It becomes obvious Willie is the devil in Los Angeles California In Chapter 2 readers meet Detective Danny Galindo He is one of the first MexicanAmericans to be employed by the LAPD After a woman is butchered in 1947 there were nearly 150 confessions to the crime 38 of the people claiming to be responsible for the gruesome crime spoke only Spanish Danny was called upon to deal with those confessions It depresses Danny that every one of them wanted to suffer infamy and death because being known as the Black Dahlia s butcher was as close as they were ever going to get in this life to matteringChapter 3 reprints a news article that was published only by black press This continues through out the book Any acts of racism or police brutality against Negroes was ignored by the White Press Although LA 56 is a true crime story Engel has fabricated or invented dialogue based on facts evidence interviews Some names have been changed to protect privacy of those involved especially the rape victims Engel extensively interviewed Detective Galindo which adds to authenticity of those recreated conversationsThe times were changing in 1956 LAPD and Los Angeles liked things the way they were blacks and whites not mixing Engel brings the year alive mentioning songs playing on the radio television shows and even print advertisements Engel is actually telling two stories here one about a serial rapist the other about discrimination and racism A good read

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Summary LA 56 AUTHOR Joel Engel Joel Engel ¹ 8 characters Summary LA 56 AUTHOR Joel Engel ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Los Angeles 1956 Glamorous Prosperous The place to see and be seen But beneath the shiny exterior beats a dark heart For when the sun goes down LA becomes the noir city of James Ellroy’s LA Confidential or Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins novels Segregation is the unwritten law of the land The growing black population is expected to keep to South Central The white cops are encouraged to deal out harsh street justice In LA ’56 Joel Engel paints a tense moody portrait of the city as a devil weaves his way through the shadowsWhile RB and hot jazz spill out of record shops and clubs and all night burger stands Willie Fields cruises past in his dark green DeSoto looking for a woman on whom he can.