The Son of Neptune (NEW)

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  • 06 January 2019
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The Son of Neptune characters ☆ 104 Aren't over He and fellow demigods Frank and Hazel must face the most important uest of all The Prophecy of Seven If they fail it's not just their camp at risk Percy's old life the gods and the entire world might be destroye. Rick Riordan has completely taken control over my mind In such a way that even if I want to read another book I can t Just can t I have been reading PJ books in row for almost two month I am supposed to get bored But NOIt s pretty obvious by the title we will get Percy back in this one When I first saw this book and didn t know a thing about greek or roman mythologies I thought Planet has a son How interesting OVERVIEW Without any past memories and being chased by two invincible monsters Percy finds Juno who leads him to the Camp Jupiter demi god camp for romans There he makes new friends Frank and Hazel During a game war god Mars appears and assigns them a uest of freeing the Death from the clutches of a giant in Alaska where gods can t do anything RANDOM THOUGHTS You know what I was very afraid of reading this book I thought Percy would forget Annabeth Like Jason forgot Reyna and ended up with Piper in the previous book Thank God that didn t happen Percy forgot everything but Annabeth I think Rick Riordan did that on purpose It was a good decision Otherwise I couldn t bear that Percy and Annabeth is the BEST Hazel and Frank both are new main characters Both have pretty sad background and Frank is sooooooooooooooo cute I liked both of them This is the great thing in the series that Gaea the antagonist is controlling everyone Even though she is not awoken I wonder what will happen if she will finally awakeMark of Athena I am comingSeptember 11 2017

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The Son of Neptune characters ☆ 104 Re the least of his problems Because Percy finds himself at a camp for half bloods which doesn't ring any bells for him There's just one name he remembers from his past AnnabethOnly one thing is certain Percy's uesting days. 355This was my least favorite of the Percy Jackson books so far I think that the story is definitely heading in an interesting direction but I just wasn t feeling it in this one It has taken me several tries over the months to even get through it I thought that except for Percy the characters were a little bland and I didn t care as much about the Roman camp and their mythology as much as the Greek I m not saying that it was bad I loved Percy and his sass and all of the jokes just not my favorite compared to the previous books

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The Son of Neptune characters ☆ 104 ONE CURSED DEMIGOD TWO NEW HEROES A UEST TO UNLEASH THE GOD OF DEATH Percy Jackson son of Poseidon God of the Sea has woken from a very deep sleep and come face to face with two snake haired ladies who refuse to dieBut they'. 455Great book Slowish start but really picked up in the middle and had an EPIC ending