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  • The New Mole
  • Emir Sader
  • English
  • 15 November 2020
  • 9781844676927

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The New Mole review ↠ 0 O examines the process of regional integration under way in Latin America which stands out because it is occurring independently of Washington Looking at the role of political and ideological struggles in defining the continent’s trajectory Sader concludes with an optimistic affirmation of agency that is all the convincing for its sobrie. I learned a lot about History and of course PoliticsI love how it centers on Latin America and not other places in the world There are so many things already said about the US Europe Russia but not so many at least that s what I think about Latin AmericaI m rating it with three stars merely because I found it a bit heavy to read It s a Politics book after all not fictionI did enjoy it very much

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The New Mole review ↠ 0 Cal and geographical sweep covering a period running from the early twentieth century to the present and detailing the political interplay between nationsSader points to areas where Latin America offers new insights to the world on indigenous uestions for example and areas where political thought lags behind practice as in Venezuela He als. Emir Sader s recent book is an attempt to grapple with the changing movements in South America and offer some direction forwards Unfortunately the book is somewhat mechanical in its approach to historical change and while it acknowledges the problems of some of those governments such as that of the Workers Party in Brazil which have failed to deliver much of the people s hopes Sader tends to argue that better a slightly progressive bulwark against neoliberalism than none at all Even if this means capitulating to the wider problems of the capitalist systemFull review

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The New Mole review ↠ 0 The New Mole is a major new analysis of recent developments in Latin American politics by one of the continent’s leading political thinkers Emir Sader explains the resurgence of radicalism in terms of the region’s history and explores its theoretical underpinning The book is unusual in combining succinct judgments with broad chronologi. Jako same ksi ki o socjalizmie czytam na tej kwarantannie